A Mobile Business: 5 Tips For An Easier Office Move

Moving your entire office can be incredibly complicated unless you have a plan of attack in place. You’ll need months before the move to make sure that everything is done correctly and efficiently. You want the process to be as smooth as possible, so your clients and customers barely register the move as an inconvenience. Moving an entire office is complicated, and it can get have a huge impact on your business. You might want to consider whether you need moving insurance in case of problems.

Checklist for the Move

Long before the movers arrive at your door, you should have a checklist of all that needs to happen in the months and weeks leading to the move. You might need a moving team to help coordinate all the steps for the move. There will be a dozen steps to making the move smooth and issue-free.

Professional Movers

The biggest tip for your move is to hire professionals like Excellent Quality Movers, Inc. or someone you recognize and trust from your area. They will be able to move your desks, chairs, office equipment, conference tables and records storage to the new location. Some professional movers are skilled at IT disconnects and reconnection services. You’ll need to find out whether it’s provided or if your employees will take care of that task.

Assign Tasks

As far as the weeks before the move, you’ll need employees to pitch in and get their areas ready for the move. It’s best if you ask for volunteers or commit someone to be the overseer for certain sections of the building. The person in charge of the area should be taking an inventory of all the items to be moved to ensure it all reaches the new location.

Contact Vendors

Weeks before the move, make sure your vendors know that you’ll be making the change. They’ll need to know your new address for shipping and billing purposes. Don’t forget to alert the phone company and your Internet provider to switch service to the new location. You might need an overlap in service to ensure that you’ll have them at both locations.

Personal Possessions

All employees should be given some time before the move to take their personal possessions home with them. There’s no reason to pay a mover to transport anything that belongs to an employee. When they move into their new office, they can bring their possessions back with them. This will save the company money and remove many unnecessary boxes from the moving truck.

It’s important that you have a checklist for your move as well as a team of people to oversee the steps of the process. The moving team should meet occasionally to be sure all the details are being done on time. A professional mover is essential for a smooth move too. They have the experience and manpower to make the move quick and efficient.