A Guide for Hacking Facebook

If you need gain access to someone else’s Facebook Account, then you better protect yourself. You can hack into an account but it no use if you get caught in the end. So, you need to mind a few safety measures. Following, we are giving you a brief guide including

The Prep Work

Before you starting to hack someone’s Facebook, you need a basic idea of following languages:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQLi

You might think why you should know about all of these languages, and you are right. Well these languages will help you create a login form that looks like the one in Facebook Login Page. This will help you obtain the target’s credentials.

You might have got the idea of what ye are going to do in the above line, now lets take us some time to elaborate our idea.

How to Initiate the Attack?

Following, we are giving you some tips to follow to hack someone’s account

  • Create a looking page that looks just like the Facebook page with title and description along with photo and message
  • Make the login page handler script to store login credentials in database
  • Redirect users to original page after storing their login credentials
  • Create a database to store ids and password
  • Now send the login link to user
  • Make the web page to see hacked IDs and passwords

After you forward to login link to users, you won’t have to do this. Your targeted users will do the remaining work for you. This will help you obtain their username and password. You just need to keep a watch for whether their sign in details are real or not. This can mean a major difference

You need to make a web page used to see the list of targeted and trapped users. If this is too much work for you and you only have one target. In that case, you better use a Facebook Messenger Hacker App. His way, you wont have to learn the languages or do the prep work.

Trap the User

Following, we are giving you some tips for how to trap the user. Red these tips carefully:

Check what they like You need to check what the user likes the most, ad make a web page with similar content to trap them. For instance, it can be a quick get rich scheme or something else.

Check Which Device They Use

When it comes to hack someone, you need to learn about the device they use. It can be a smartphone, computer or tablet. You have to implement the auto-direct code according to the device they use. This is very important if you want to succeed without giving yourself away.

Find a Suitable Trap

You will need to take your time and find a suitable trap that will work best with you. You need to find something that will trap your target by sending them a link and hack their account. Suitable times mean sense, when the user is free, means when they can open something with free mind.

The Easy Way

If doing the above mentioned was way too much work for you then you are far better off with an app. There are many apps in the online space that help you gain access to someone else’s account.

We understand if you are trying to look after someone or what to keep tap on how someone uses their account. These are understandable concern but your actions might have severe consequences So, whatever you do, make sure you don’t reveal yourself.

Try Cocospy, this is a tool that will do the hard work for you It will help you gain access to the target account without doing much work It’s easy to install and use. You just have to follow the instructions provided in the manual and you will be fine.

This tool is made for both iOS and Android users. Its compatible with both of these devices. The best part is, you wont need to Jailbreak or root your device in order to use this tool. Just download and install it. It can help you gain access to their respective social media account, read their messages track their location and do much more.