A Complete Guide On Various Dining Chair Styles To Pick From

Dining chairs add aesthetic appeal to a room. As a buyer, you will find various types of dining chairs in the market where you need to pick one which looks symmetrical to your existing furniture.

Otherwise, you can try mixing pieces for an eclectic look. In case, you are confused on which dining chair you should choose, this guide will be quite helpful for you.

Various Types of Dining Chair Styles

  • The Arm Chair

The dining chair usually stays at the head of dining table. These chairs are created for giving your dining room a rather formal atmosphere. You can buy arm chairs made from materials ranging from plastic, wood to metal.

  • Side Chairs

As the name goes, these chairs are usually placed at the side of the dining table. Some side chairs may also be used as arm chairs, which mean these can be placed at the head of dining table.

Most of these chairs are not upholstered, but still you can find dining chairs in Australian market having upholstered seats. You can research online about top quality dining chairs for the best prices.

  • Parsons Dining Chairs

These chairs come with simple yet elegant design which offers clean lines. These can easily complement your existing dining furniture.

Usually, these chairs are upholstered using various fabrics such as linen and leather. Some of the best designs that you will find in the market are symmetrical patterns, horizontal lines and tufted seats.

  • Upholstered Seats

These dining chairs provide comfort to the user as the material used in making it is quite soft. However, you may be a bit confused while shopping as these chairs are available in various upholstery materials.

You can place these chairs in your dining room for giving it a vibe while also keeping the traditional look.

  • Non-upholstered versions

In comparison to the upholstered seats, these chairs give clean lined look to your dining room. These chairs are made from all wood or all-metal setup. You can buy these chairs if you want your dining room to be with chair slipovers, the one you get in parson chairs.

  • Traditional Dining Chairs

These chairs are designed with elaborate slats on them. Basically, slats are the vertical elements, which you see on back of the chairs. With this chair style, you can notice the curved legs and ornate carved details.

Some examples of traditional dining chairs are regency, Chippendale and Queen Anne chairs. You can go for the upholstered and tufted versions of these chairs.

  • Modern Dining Chairs

Opposite to the traditional chairs, these seats come with bent wood. Additionally, these are also available in moulded plastic and metal. The appeal of these chairs can be seen in the streamlined and organic look. The elements of these chairs can be customized as per the room’s theme or decor.


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