7 Ways to Celebrate Easter During the Coronavirus Lockdown

Easter is coming during the current COVID-19 pandemic which caused many businesses to close down, people are ordered to stay indoors and kids are supposed to stay indoors as well until the mid of April at the earliest. Things might not be as they were supposed to be like the Pre-COVID-19 times and you might not experience Easter activities like going to the church, having egg hunting or dinner plans and do other fun activities, but that’s ok, there are a lot of other fun things to do while staying at home and celebrate your holidays. So here are a few things that you can do:

Have an indoor Easter egg hunt

This is one of the most fun-to-do activities during Easter. You can hide eggs under your bed, in your dad’s coat, under the television set, in the dryer, in your closet, and anywhere that is not easy to find out. Make sure that you are sanitized and don’t catch the sickness during all the fun and games activities. Also, stay very careful while playing around and do not fall or crack yourself.

Try Out Some DIY Easter Decorations

For this, you can log on to the internet and have a look at the video tutorials that teach people to create some amazing home decorations for Easter. This will not only help you get a chance to get creative on Easter but will also help you save a considerable amount of money on Easter decorations that you buy from stores. Craft something really amazing for the medical and healthcare staff and dedicate something for them this Easter as a token of appreciation.

Spend Time Decorating Eggs

This is another fun thing to do while staying indoors this Easter. You can engage the whole family in this activity and boil eggs, use some food dye and some other items that you have in your pantry to create some multicolored eggs. Then you can take pictures and share them using social media and enjoy yourself with your friends and family.

Watch Easter-themed Movies With Your Family

This is one amazing thing to do while you are practicing social-distancing. You can look out for Easter-themed movies on your Cable TV or look out for movies on the internet. You can have a look at the following movies with your family.

  • Ben Hur
  • Peter Rabbit
  • Risen
  • The Robe
  • Passion Of The Christ
  • Hop and many other movies

A good way to enjoy such movies is to go for any of the streaming websites using CenturyLink bundles. CenturyLink Internet is the fastest internet service that gets you high-speeds that let you watch movies without buffering

Attend Church Service Via Live Stream

If going to the church on Easter is a family tradition, then you can still attend your Sunday morning service and get the blessings of Easter by sitting in your home. You can pray and listen to sermons via different apps and listen to all the stories and the happenings that make the day extra special. Though churches around the world are closed due to the current Outbreak, you can virtually attend the services by complying with instructions issued by experts and the government. Many churches are live streaming services using YouTube, Facebook Live, Instagram, and many other channels for followers around the world.

Send Messages Of Hope To Your Community And Friends

Just like Easter teaches us the lesson of hope, righteousness, and belief in the Almighty, become a servant of God and help spread positivity in your friends’ circle and community. This will not only help you stay positive but also will help others who have lost hope due to any unfortunate event that happened recently have hope and faith in life as well. Use social media platforms in a positive way. Send greetings or simply a smile to your loved ones who can’t be with you this year and make them feel happy.

Read A Book About Easter

You can gather around your kids and tell them the events that led to the Easter celebrations or read them stories from the following books:

  • The Great Eggscape, by Jory John and Pete Oswald
  • Ten Little Eggs: A Celebration of Family, by Zondervan and Jess Mikhail
  • The Tooth Fairy vs. the Easter Bunny, by Jamie L.B. Deenihan and Erin Hunting
  • We’re Going on an Egg Hunt, by Laura Hughes
  • Big Bunny, by Rowboat Watkins
  • Chicken Sunday by Patricia Polacco
  • The Biggest Easter Basket Ever by Steven Kroll

You can also read these books by yourself and dive into memories of your childhood and all the myths and tales that you used to listen to when you were a kid.


These are a few fun activities that can help you have an amazing Easter during the current lockdown situation all over America. Make sure that you have fun during the COVID-19 lockdown and stay safe at all times by practicing Social Distancing. A good way to do this is to enjoy your Easter activities virtually.