6 Steps To Effective Essay Writing

Essay writing has been and will continue to be a test of proficiency in the use of the English language. As such, students of the language need to master the basic elements that are required to write effective essays. Although there are different types of essays, the methodology are quite similar and our job at Oxbridge Essays is to help you become better at communicating your essay topic excellently.

There are five basic steps you need to take when delivering your essay topic and these are:

UnderstandWhat Needs To Be Communicated

Brainstormand Outline Your Points

Writea Good Introduction

Orderly Arrange Your Points

WriteYour Conclusion

Review the Essay


  1. Understand what needs to be Communicated

This is the most important aspect of any essay topic. Before you can write any narrative, description or argument, you need to have a clear understanding of the subject. Try to assume the position of the reader and ask yourself how best to communicate the topic in such a way that there is no ambiguity. Once you know what you want to write about, communicating your points becomes easier.

  1. Brainstorm and Outline Your Points

Since you now basically have a map of where you are going, it is easier to plan the details of your journey. Think about and write out an outline of all the points you would like to communicate in your essay. If it is an argument, list the points that favour your topic and also the counter points that you will have to deal with. If it is a narrative, enumerate the events or processes.

  1. Write a Good Introduction

Your introduction should be written in such a way as to arrest the attention of the reader. A good introduction should be able to compel anyone to want to read your essay to the end. It should be short, concise and leave no doubt as to where you are going. You can start your introduction is by asking a question or writing a famous quote. Briefly explain the main thrust of your essay and what you plan to achieve.

  1. Arrange Your Points in an Orderly Manner

Having written your introduction, the next step is to write the main body of the essay. Your job here is to explain each point you have outlined in detail. Endeavour to stick with the main theme when doing this. Depending on the essay type, you can start with the most important point or the one that allows you to transit into the next in a logical manner.

  1. Write Your Conclusion

Your conclusion should be a brief summary of the points you have written. If it is a narrative or argument, you can end with a statement or question that that would engage the imagination of the reader. If it is a proposal or research paper, you summarize the principal purpose or results respectively.

  1. Review the Essay

Read what you have written to be sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors and to see if you have been able to effectively deliver your thoughts.