6 Reasons Why You Need A Blog To Promote Your Business

Writing a blog is one of the most affordable, effective, and easiest methods of business development. Another advantage is that not that many businesses use this tool and it can help you stand out. The results can be impressive: increasing the sales, strengthening the brand, finding potential clients.

At first, it is hard to imagine how a successful business blog should look like. If you don’t have a plan, below you can find some detailed information about business blogging advantages.

More Traffic

Every business strives for more website visitors and tries to attract more people. It could be done by paying for an advertising. It is legal and very common, but at the same time very expensive, annoying for customers, and not long-lasting.

Once you decide to stop spending money on that, there is no more traffic. It is possible to reach the same goal by writing a blog. Every blog article adds a page to your website and gives more chances to appear in the search.

Most websites are rarely updated because the ‘About Us’ section and product description is not something that changes very often. A blog will provide the website with some new information and it will motivate people to visit it again.

Social Media Presence

Writing a blog can help your business appear on social networks more often. Every blog article might be shared on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and you will widen your audience.

Do not forget to add the share buttons to your blog to profit from social media channels. In case you are out of content for social media, you may also use links to the blog posts. The same material can be applied twice and it is a win-win situation. You will develop your brand ion social networks and attract more visitors to your website.

While the content is the same, the way you present it should be different. When you post a link to a blog post, do it in a teasing manner using bright headlines and photos to boost people’s curiosity.

Potential Clients

Writing blog posts could become a great opportunity to get new customers and to increase sales. You just need to know how to target generations. Add a call-to-action button to every article and it will create a base of potential clients that could be used by your sales managers.

When a visitor clicks on this button, he gets to a landing page with a free offer that could be received by giving his personal information. A person fills in the form indicating his email or a phone number in exchange for a free eBook, webinar or a trial and you receive the contacts of a potential client.

Becoming an Authority

If your blog articles cover the most common questions the customers have, eventually you are becoming trustworthy. It is essential for the sales. One of the reasons why a client does not buy the product is because something is not clear for him.

A helpful explanation leaves a great impression and helps you to become an authority in customer’s eyes. The impact of this cannot be measured in numbers, but it will be noticeable.

The sales managers can also use blog posts, in case they need to send a detailed answer to a customer’s question. It will be much faster than writing it from scratch.

Humanizing the Website

A website landing page is usually formal, distant, and informative. There is nothing wrong about that, but it does not motivate to stay longer and find out more details about a product.

People are more likely to trust and buy when they see something personal. This is why you need a blog. Posts about your company’s goals, values, and plans can help customers feel involved.

Some personal stories about business and industry will give the client an impression that they know you in person. People are more eager to buy products from someone they know. Humanizing your website and showing a bit of personality can have a great impact.

Long-lasting Results

One of the best things about blogging is that it keeps working when you are having a rest. It takes you about two hours to create a blog post but it will appear in search and bring traffic for weeks, months, and even years.

Statistics claims that about seventy percent of visitors are attracted by previously written posts. If you do not receive an immediate result from an article, it can still be productive in a few weeks.

Not every post is that efficient, that is why you need to create a lot of great content and do it regularly. It still proves blog writing to be an excellent investment in your business.