4 Necessary Characteristics Of A Digital Marketing Manager

When looking for a digital marketing manager, you must have some clear idea of who can fill the shoes of such an important position. Get the wrong person for the job and your digital marketing efforts will show signs of not living up to current industry standards. Furthermore, your digital marketing manager is the person who must be able to handle the daily grind with a professional air and a readiness to take command of any situation getting out of hand in the digital marketing department of your company. The following are four must-have characteristics to demonstrate fitness as a digital marketing manager for your company.

A Team Leader

Whoever is overseeing your digital marketing department must be a first-class team leader with the insight and direction to take your company’s marketing success to the next level. The digital marketing arena is a fast-paced, ever changing landscape that can throw your digital marketing team into a tailspin if they lack real leadership. It is up to your digital marketing manager to ensure that they can provide the leadership to guarantee that their digital marketing team remains on track and meets all necessary deadlines in a timely fashion. They must also be ready to handle situations where your digital content person and your SEO person, for example, are not hindering each other’s performance and efficiency. Knowing how to keep the team playing well together is a must in the digital marketing industry.

Flexibility Is a Must

Since the nature of digital marketing can change at a moment’s notice, a digital marketing manager must have the ability to stay current with industry changes. Either they must dedicate a member of their team for doing this research or they must do it themselves. Once they learn of a major shift in how digital marketing is trending, they need to be ready with an executable plan of action to match pace with the current digital marketing trend. This means they will have to possess a grasp on a wide variety of digital marketing outlets as can be seen with Dallin Larsen, founder of Vasayo.

Organization Matters

When it comes to ironing out the details of a digital marketing campaign, the manager overseeing this project must be a master of organization. Executing key aspects of a digital marketing campaign requires precision timing and a solid grasp on having everything work when it is intended to work. Under the direction of a digital marketing manager that lacks organization skills, there is bound to be problems with the ebb and flow of the digital marketing campaigns they attempt to implement. If the manager over such a project is not well-organized, chances are their team will be as lax in their organizational skills. This state of affairs will undoubtedly lead to internal confusion that will cause the team to perform poorly.

A Real Problem Solver

A key skill that every manager should have is the ability to size up and solve problems quickly. When problems arise with your company’s digital marketing efforts, an inability to solve problems in a timely manner can spell a lot of expensive marketing disasters. Knowing when a digital marketing strategy is going south and knowing how to correct the problem is an essential skill without which no digital marketing manager should be caught unawares. The ability to fix existing digital marketing problems requires making hard decisions that must fall on the shoulders of someone truly competent enough to make such hard calls.

Your company’s digital marketing manager may have to perform a wide variety of digital marketing tasks. For this reason, you must be sure that the person you hire for the job has the competence of a trained professional that is ready to take the reins at the first sign of trouble. Knowing that your digital marketing department is in good hands will allow you to spend more time focusing on other important aspects of your business without a lot of worry nagging at the back of your mind.