5 Steps to Your Ideal Body

Research suggests that 80%of men and 97% of women are not happy with their bodies and how they look. If you fall into this category, you might be overwhelmed by what seems like a virtually unattainable goal to change your appearance.

Fortunately, there are tangible actions you can take that truly will make a difference and set you on the path toward total transformation.

1. Make Over Your Mental Images of Perfection

Before you make any physical alterations, it’s time to give yourself a reality check. To a great extent, you cannot change the body that was passed down to you at birth from your ancestors. But that doesn’t mean you can’t optimize the gifts that nature has bestowed on you.

Whether you are short or tall, thin or sturdy of build, you can set a goal to strengthen and condition your body for maximum health. For most of us, that means moving more and eating less – or rather eating more healthy foods and fewer empty calories.

2. Determine What is Truly Right For You

The standards that define beauty change with the times. Today’s symbols of female physical perfection, for example, would have appeared starved and unappealing to former generations that valued curves and believed plumpness to be a sign of health and happiness.

Modern plastic surgery news often focuses on procedures such as breast augmentation that have gained wide popularity in recent decades. When determining the image you want to portray, you should think long and hard about what feels right to you.

3. Ask Yourself Some Questions

5 Steps to Your Ideal Body

If society does not have the answers about the best body for you and if you are falling short of figuring out the answer for yourself, there are two simple questions that you can ask yourself which will probably clarify the issue. They are:

  • Am I healthy?
  • Is my body in shape to allow me to do the things I want to do?

If you answered “yes” to both, your work is done; your body needs no significant changes. You can achieve your goals without difficulty in your current physical manifestation. If, however, you answered “no” to either or both, you now have an intelligent starting point on your journey to the body that truly suits you best.

4. Set Goals You Will Love

Settle on a concrete aspect of yourself that you want to change. Then do some research to learn some fun ways to turn that transformation from a dream into reality. Divide your plan into achievable, enjoyable steps, and celebrate each one.

5. Don’t Do it Alone

If you enjoy sharing your accomplishments, keep your friends in the loop and let them join you on this journey through apps like My Fitness Pal. Surround yourself with positive people who will praise you when you do well and support and lovingly challenge you during the hard times.

Ultimately, getting the body you want starts in your head, proceeds with health-enhancing diet and exercise strategies and ends with perseverance. You may decide that getting help from professionals such as therapists, trainers or plastic surgeons can aid you in reaching the goals you have set for yourself. No matter what route you take, you have a great deal of control over the “you” that you show the world.