5 Signs It’s Time to Call for Refrigerator Repair

The refrigerator is an essential part of the kitchen, which is why it’s so frustrating when the fridge gives us trouble. A broken fridge isn’t just frustrating—it can result in the loss of hundreds of dollars of food due to malfunctioning parts or other common fridge troubles. Sometimes, you will be able to fix the problem with your fridge on your own with a little help from a friend or a handy internet search; but there are some types of refrigerator problems that will require expert help. The following are 5 signs that it’s time to bring in the professionals and call for refrigerator repair.

5 Signs It’s Time to Call for Refrigerator Repair

The compressor and evaporator fan aren’t running

When your fridge isn’t getting cold enough, the first thing you should do is take a good listen at the compressor and evaporator fan. Are they running at all? If not, you’ll definitely need to call in a professional refrigerator repair due to the fact that is a mechanical problem you will need professional expertise, tools, and parts to fix.

There is excessive frost build up—again and again

It might not be anything to worry about if your freezer or refrigerator has an excess build up of frost once or twice every few years. But if your fridge is constantly plagued by frost problems, this is a sign that something is wrong with your fridge that needs to be looked at by a professional. In addition to being just plain frustrating, frost build up can damage your fridge’s coils and other parts, which is why it’s important to call in a professional refrigerator repair service when you spot continued frost build up.

A musty smell that won’t go away

It’s not unheard of for there to be an odd odour coming from the fridge, but if you’ve eliminated all other culprits—cleaning out bad food, cleaning the fridge itself to remove mildew, stains and odours—then it’s time to call a professional company, as the odour could be from an internal component.

You find puddles of water under your fridge

Almost nothing is worse than stepping up to your fridge to find a snack and finding your socks wet from a puddle of water that has leaked from underneath the fridge. In cases where water is leaking from your fridge, it is always a case where some internal part is damaged, broken or otherwise not quite working right. In this case, you should call a refrigerator repair service to take a look at your fridge and determine the root cause of the leakage.

You hear thumping or squealing

Every fridge has its own particular noise, but if there’s a noise that doesn’t sound normal—in particular, thumping or squealing noises—then it’s time to call in the professionals. Thumping noises are usually indicative that something is wrong with the compressor inside the fridge, while a squealing noise is often a sign that the evaporator fan is damaged. In both cases, these are internal mechanical parts that need to be handled and fixed by a professional who has experience in refrigerator repair.