5 Signs It’s Time To Change Your Cleaning Chemicals

To keep your home organized and safe for your family, it’s important to maintain a steady cleaning routine. This will help to improve indoor air quality and make your living spaces more comfortable and pleasant. However, before you just pick up any random cleanser from the store, make sure that what you’re buying is free from dangerous chemicals. Using the wrong type of cleaning solutions can cause many problems with your health. If you’re experiencing any of the following, it might be time to switch your supplies.

Your Skin Is Irritated

Quaternary ammonium compounds are found in many common household cleaners, including liquid fabric softener and antibacterial liquids. Unfortunately, they’ve also been linked to skin irritation and rashes. In fact, one study followed participants for 10 years and found that quaternary ammonium compounds were the leading cause of contact dermatitis. Skin irritants can also be found in other solutions, such as toilet bowl cleaners and scouring powders.

Things Aren’t Getting Clean

Image via Flickr by thomas_morris141

Not all cleaners are made the same. Sometimes, companies opt for powerful-sounding ingredients rather than making a product that actually cleans well. Quite obviously, if your house still isn’t getting clean despite how much scrubbing and mopping you do, it’s time to find an alternative that will do the trick. In most cases, natural ingredients work just as well as harsh chemicals when it comes to cleaning power.

You Have a Tumor

You might not think that simple cleaning chemicals could cause something this drastic, but a look at one woman’s health history proves that these chemicals can lead to benign masses. Beth Greer originally had a pain in her shoulder, and after visiting the doctor, it was revealed that she had a tennis-ball-sized tumor in her chest. By cutting out conventional cleaning products, the tumor shrank on its own in just nine months.

You Have Respiratory Problems

Every time you clean something, you’re breathing whatever you’re using. If the product is highly scented with fragrance, your lungs might start to burn. In particular, ammonia is a huge culprit behind many respiratory issues. It can be found in all-purpose cleaners. Chlorine is also problematic and is most commonly found in toilet bowl cleaners and mildew removers. You might even develop chronic bronchitis or asthma if you do a lot of cleaning.

You’re Burning Yourself

A small burn every once in a while isn’t a major problem. However, if it feels like your hands are on fire every time you bring out the cleaning bucket, it’s definitely time to make some changes. Many of the chemicals in common cleaning products can cause severe burns, including sodium hydroxide, phosphoric acid, and sodium hypochlorite.

To prevent all of these issues, try using natural formulations, like Green Shield Organic or the Green Mission brand. Keep in mind that only seven percent of cleaning products were truthful about their contents on the label, so if possible, you might want to look into creating your own cleaner out of baking soda and lemon.