5 Fancy Modern Ceiling Designs For Your Kitchen

The kitchen area is an essential part of our home, as it provides the space for cooking, feeding our family and place for family gatherings. Other than this purpose, Kitchens deserve a better decoration design than the typically styled kitchens. Kitchen, as well as any other room in the house, should be given a proper design attention to suit the main purpose of that room and bring it a new look and sense of its owner style. Among various décor elements, installing a new ceiling is one of the powerful tools to enhance the kitchen appearance. In this article, we will discuss some of the transcendent ceiling styles to give your kitchen an elegant appearance.

Tile Covered Ceiling

Ceiling designed with decorative tiles is a unique idea, also, a very convenient and cost-effective. It allows a straight forward installation without any specific pre-treatment of the area and helps hide any defected base of the ceiling. One of the benefits of designing kitchen ceiling with tiles is an easy cleaning and waterproofing it from possible future leaking. Installation should be performed by a professional, to avoid poor quality results. It is important that a specialist covers all uneven surfaces, inconsistencies, and joints.

5 Fancy Modern Ceiling Designs For Your Kitchen

by Decorative Ceiling Tiles Inc.

Shifting tiles and laying them the same way parquet laid – was a creative idea used for this modern kitchen ceiling décor.

There are many ways on ceiling design that can matches for any home interior. They come in various textures with a smooth, glossy or matte finish and many replicate natural materials such as stone, metal, wood or marble. For instance, this modern kitchen designed with metallic finish tiles transformed it gave a unique and refreshing appearance.

Stretch Ceiling

5 Fancy Modern Ceiling Designs For Your Kitchen

by MusaDesign Interior

Stretch ceilings are considered one of the most popular choices when it comes to modern ceiling design. The features of this type of ceiling include fast and simple installation process, different colors palette that can transform its appearance with built-in illumination and assortment of materials that can be incorporated. With all that advantages mentioned, the stretch ceiling is very delicate in installation and further use because it partially made of film material. This type of ceiling can be easily damaged with only one puncture. Therefore it needs to be mounted at a safe distance or as high as area ceiling allows it.

Plasterboard Ceiling

5 Fancy Modern Ceiling Designs For Your Kitchen

by Bunker Workshop

Plaster ceilings installed in kitchen area are not an easy task but is worth every penny! It creates an absolute transformation or makeover to an otherwise plain and simple ceiling. It can be a brilliant solution to design if you need to hide all that visible wires, pipes or ventilation. Plasterboard niches can be a perfect spot for built-in illumination and are suitable for the kitchen area. This boards can be partially covering the entire surface of the ceiling or installed in several parts of the surface at a distance from one another.

Wood Ceiling Beams

5 Fancy Modern Ceiling Designs For Your Kitchen

by Pamela Glazer Architect

The wooden beams look great when incorporated into a kitchen ceiling design, but rarely chosen due to its higher price. When selecting wooden beams as a kitchen décor element, it is wise to consider a decorative lighting within it. There are many lighting options that will work with it, such as potlights along the beams or a cove lighting for instance. That will help to emphasize the beauty of the texture the wooden ceiling design has to offer.

Paneled Ceiling Design

5 Fancy Modern Ceiling Designs For Your Kitchen

by Union Studio Architecture

This kind of ceiling created by using mounting rails laid side by side below the level of the ceiling surface at a set distance. It is possible to close the wiring and install lighting of different colors to give it a shade of the existing décor in that room, to visually generate accents and separate areas of the room. This kind of ceiling is very practical, lasting and easy to maintain.

Patterned Ceiling Design

5 Fancy Modern Ceiling Designs For Your Kitchen

by Country Club Homes

Any kitchen ceiling design can be specific or vague in its design style. There are many elements that can be successfully matched with one another and therefore create a unique and stylish appearance. One of that materials often used to create patterns in kitchen design are moldings. But, it is important to understand what material is more appropriate for the kitchen area. Most suitable are polyurethane or MDF made moldings. Plaster material, on the other hand, created a more sophisticated hard to replicate patterns and shapes on the ceiling.