5 Creative Ideas To Make Small Kitchen Larger

Of course we cannot add to your kitchen square meters, so they really have to keep moving in the same amount of space. However, what we can do is give these creative ideas to make larger kitchen. We guarantee that the feeling is totally different!

When you think of a small kitchen will probably come to mind ideas as a tight workspace, a small table and only have room for the essential … but it need not be this way! Small kitchens can also be functional and efficient. There are many ways to get a feeling of spaciousness without pulling down the walls as these tricks that make look kitchen big.

  1. Add Mirrors

This trick we use to make other rooms look larger, as the living room or bedroom, also applies to the kitchen. Add mirrors in places like cabinets, doors or walls, and notice the change! In addition to making it look bigger, the kitchen will be brighter.

  1. Order with Trays

If you do not have much space on the table used trays to maintain order. Thus, when you have many things scattered on the table, place them on trays and lean on other sites that are not using at the time, as the microwave oven, the kitchen or even in the oven.

  1. Seize the Ceiling

Do not settle for air cabinets that do not occupy all available space and leave a space between the top and the ceiling, which only serve to gather dust. Make cabinets that reach the ceiling itself, and will take advantage of the compact space.

  1. Use Flexible Furniture

Some ideas of furniture are flexible and extensible folding tables, folding or stackable banks, and the baskets on wheels that can accommodate depending on where you need.

  1. Try the Open Shelves

I know we have mentioned repeatedly, but it actually works! It is easier to organize things in the kitchen if you’re not limited by the walls and cabinet doors also open shelves that are cheaper. And if you’re beautiful pieces of pottery, will add a special charm to the kitchen.

Surely you have in mind some other ideas on how to decorate small kitchens, but at least take into practice the 5 I’ve mentioned you enjoy all your activities in the kitchen and more safely.

Apply these tricks that make small kitchen look big and enjoy more space and comfort while cooking.