5 Coolest Advances In Driver’s Safety Technology

Car safety has made huge advancements over the past decade and the risk for serious injury in a car-crash has never been lower. The following are five of the most exciting car safety features to hit the market.

Lane Monitoring

 5 Coolest Advances In Driver's Safety Technology

These devices detect when a vehicle is slipping out of its lane and alert the driver so they can alter their course. In more advanced systems, this feature can even gently steer the vehicle back into its lane without any driver operation required. This feature is best for preventing truck accidents since, due to their larger size, trucks are harder to keep in-lane on tight, narrow roads.

Automatic Anti-Collision Breaks

With this feature, sensors will alert the driver if their car is about to hit something. If the driver doesn’t react, the car will even have the ability to apply the brakes and prevent the accident. This feature will protect people driving late at night or who are otherwise distracted and not fully paying attention to the road.

Adaptive Headlights

5 Coolest Advances In Driver's Safety Technology

These special headlights won’t just glare straight ahead, but will track the road ahead and shine the light where it’s most needed. This will help prevent accidents on dark, winding roads that regular headlights would struggle to properly illuminate.

Blind-Zone Monitoring

This safety development would give the driver a visual or audio alert when a car is approaching their flank, where their mirrors cannot accurately show. This safety technology is ideal for anyone who does a lot of highway driving, since merging between lanes happens frequently on highways and can be dangerous if blind-zones aren’t checked, even if it’s an isolated mistake.

Electronic Stability Control

5 Coolest Advances In Driver's Safety Technology

This is perhaps one of the most exciting driving safety technologies on the market. This feature allows the car to determine when it isn’t going where the driver is directing it, and allows the car to take control of the breaks and steering wheel to get back on course. With this upgrade, road hazards like black ice and hydroplaning could quickly become nuisances of the past rather than ongoing threats to public safety.

Drive With Peace of Mind

Driver safety technologies have only grown in the last few years, and that’s a trend you can expect to continue. Within a few decades, car accidents may be all but eradicated thanks to these new features. For now, though, the world of safe-driving technology is already looking pretty exciting.