4 Things To Do With Children In Barcelona

Barcelona is an amazing city to enjoy with the whole family. There is so much to do and discover in this great city that you will enjoy like a little kid walking around its narrow and charming streets. Barcelona is cosmopolitan, welcoming, modern and open-minded.

Moreover, it’s the ideal city for family plans. The nice weather, its busy cultural life and the wide range of activities for all ages turn Barcelona into one of the greatest family-friendly cities in Europa.

4 Things To Do With Children In Barcelona

Here you have 4 things to do with your children in Barcelona, have a read and chose the one that you fancy more.

Brunch -In the Park

¿Do you love electronic music? ¿Are you keen on outdoor picnics? ¿Have you got kids? Then, Brunch -In the Park in Barcelona is definitely your place. The event is held every Sunday of summer in the mountain of Montjuic, really close to the city center but far enough to feel like you are on a Sunday outing.

You can listen to the best international and local DJswhile you chill, enjoy the good weather or have a nice meal at the food trucks. Moreover, remember this event is specially designed for parents with little children, with many activities to keep the most little ones busy and assure that the whole family is having great fun.

Tibidabo Amusement Park

At over 500 meters above sea level on the top of the Collserolamountain,you can find theTibidaboamusement park. This legendary place in Barcelona offers all kind of attractions from a plane, a carousel or a big wheel. It’s an old-fashioned amusement park that maintains the charm of the old days at the same time as it’s able to add innovations to keep it up to date.

Its special location with a panoramic view over the city of Barcelona is another reason to visit this venue. Even if you will have to spend sometime arriving there, it’s definitely worth it, you will understand why at a first sight. Remember there is a funicular that brings you up there directly from AvingudaTibidabo.

The Horta Labyrinth

The park of the HortaLabyrinth is the oldest garden in the city of Barcelona. This neoclassical garden dates from the eighteenth century and was designed as a vegetal maze; quite similar to the one you may remember from Alice in Wonderland. Thanks to many perfectly manicured cypresses you can get lost between its narrow corridors. It’s sure kids will love running around this dreamlike labyrinth.

It’s easy to arrive as the Mundet metro station is really close. Remember it’s free on Sundays and Wednesdays and everyday for locals, unemployed, retired and kids under 5 years.


We are surrounded by science and this museum does certainly know how to approach it to us, no matter our age. CosmoCaixa offers more than 50,000 m2 of facilities that will leave you open-mouthed. Permanent exhibitions and spaces such as the Planetarium, the Geological Wall or the spectacular Flooded Forest are the real musts of this museum. Moreover, entrance is free for children under sixteen.

As you see Barcelona offers all kind of activities to enjoy a family day. This are just 4 of them to start with, but remember there are many more!