4 Signs You Need Chimney Repairs

Most people don’t give much thought to the state of their chimney because most chimneys have a very long life span. Ones that are constructed with brick can last anywhere from 30 to over 100 years! Nevertheless, weathering will eventually take its toll and impact the safety and efficiency of your chimney. If you live in an older home and you’ve noticed the following four symptoms, it may be time for repairs and roofing services in Toronto, Oshawa, Durham, Markham, and many other places.

  1. Damaged and deteriorating mortar joints

Cracks and damage in the mortar between your chimney’s bricks is a sure sign that the masonry has been exposed to too much moisture. Large cracks are especially dangerous in the winter when moisture can freeze, expand, and potentially cause the entire chimney to collapse. If you start to notice cracks in your bricks, seek chimney and roof repairs in Oshawa as soon as possible to prevent costly issues in the future. You can contact Logik roofing Oshawa and hire professional roof contractors for inspection as well as repairs.

  1. Cracked or damaged chimney crown

A cracked or damaged chimney crown should be fixed as quickly as possible. The crown is your chimney’s first line of defense against extreme weather conditions. If it is cracked enough to allow moisture through, it isn’t doing its job. A crack in the crown may allow moisture to seep into the bricks and down into your chimney, causing deterioration over time.

  1. Bricks or brick pieces in your yard

If you’ve started to notice piece of brick or entire bricks around your yard, you need to get those bricks replaced in order to preserve your chimney’s structural integrity. It is also important to evaluate the state of your chimney and roof after a storm. Contact our roofing company Toronto, or if you live in other city, such as Oshawa, Oakville, Mississauga, Pickering, North York, Markham or Durham, we Logik roofing service will be there to provide an inspection of your roof and carry out any necessary work before the problem becomes much more serious.

  1. Broken tiles in your fireplace

You may also begin to notice thin pieces of chimney tile in your fireplace, which is a sign that your chimney’s fuel lining is falling apart. Damaged fuel tiles need to be addressed before they result in a house fire.

Chimney Repair & Roofing Services in All Big Cities of Canada

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