4 Reasons To Choose A 42u Server Rack Cabinet

The vast majority of data centers make use of 42u racks. While the units’ specific dimensions vary according to manufacturers, their purpose is the same. Each holds servers and other computing and networking equipment in a manner that conserves space and provides easy access.

As most people familiar with computers and networks know, servers are crucial to the success of a network system. A high quality rack cabinet is necessary to take proper care of them. They really empower organizations and individuals to get the most potential out of their servers. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why organizations choose 42u server rack cabinets.

4 Reasons To Choose A 42u Server Rack Cabinet

1. Servers Stored In 42u Server Rack Cabinets Perform Better

While this seems like a bit of a dubious claim at first read, the more you dig into the qualities of 42u server rack cabinets, the more you’ll realize how they boost server performance. Every server needs ample airflow to operate as designed.

All 42U server rack cabinets provide 76 percent perforation on the doors to maximize the amount of air that flows in and out of the space. This level of airflow significantly exceeds the OEM airflow requirements. When stored in 42u server rack cabinets, servers will operate to their full capacity and avoid problems like overheating.

2. There Is Significant Room For Growth

A 42u server rack cabinet gives a business or an individual room to grow for posterity’s sake. Most come with very high weight capacities, often around 1670 pounds. This allows owners to add even more servers to the rack over time.

Many competing racks fail to offer such a significant weight capacity. You can even use the rack with several different server sizes as it can be adjusted to varying mounting depths. Simply put, the 42u server rack cabinet will grow with you over the long haul so that you don’t have to shell out even more money for another server rack as your server needs expand.

3. It Is A Server Rack Cabinet That Allows For Simple And Quick Maintenance

All 42u server rack cabinets contain shelves that make servers incredibly easy to access. This allows owners to perform maintenance with very little time or effort. You can even have a hinged door system on the rack in order to access the servers through the side door. If you aren’t concerned about security, you can even customize 42u server rack solutions to make them into open frame racks that are incredibly easy to access for maintenance purposes.

4. Highly Advanced Levels Of Server Security

All 42u server rack cabinets are built with sides and doors that lock. This creates an unparalleled level of server security. We all know how expensive computing and network equipment is, so making use of highly secure server cabinets is essential. These units even come with locked panels so that unsavory individuals are prevented from accessing them. There is also the potential to upgrade to even more heavily secured locks to keep your servers that much safer.

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