3 Tips To Enhance Your Mobile App’s Engagement In The App Market!

Over the years, smart phones have changed the way, we humans, carry out our day-to-day activities. From merely using it as a means to communicate with one another, to using it for clicking high definition photographs, watching movies, and even paying bills, a smart phone has made everything handy. And, with the advent of mobile apps, the ease has just doubled. Enterprise mobile solutions are the new black in the market!

From a business’ point of view, apps have become the backbone of strategically engaging users, getting them onboard and expanding profit ratios. But, what’s important to understand is that the app stores are flooded with hundreds and thousands of apps which might be very similar to your business’ app making survival difficult.

So, how do you plan to stand out? If you wish your users to easily find your app, install it and use it, you need to optimize it in the most strategic manner. Approximately 80% of app owners claim that acquiring and retaining users on mobile is excruciatingly difficult. The best way to beat the odds is by optimizing three essential factors – App store search, registration, and usage & retention.

App Store Search

Just like SEO is for websites, ASO is for mobile applications. The goal here, is to make it convenient for the users to locate your app in the App store with the help of some simple yet specific, app related keywords. When performing ASO, analyze the past results with those of present times and implement the necessary changes in order to make your app visible in the App Store.

Test these enterprise mobile solutions mentioned below to effectively optimize your app’s visibility and download rate in an App Store:-

  • The icon of your app
  • The name of your app
  • Targeted keywords
  • Screenshot embedded as overviews

Registration Process

Many pieces of research have shown that most users delete an application after only the first step of use. This simply means, your app’s first impression matters. If it’s not able to hook the users at one go, it’s evident, that there won’t be another time. This is why, the technique of user onboarding must make for an important part of your mobile app optimization strategy.

Ensure your app ditches these common mistakes during its onboarding process:-

  • Try app only after registration
  • A lengthy registration process
  • Long loading time

Each of theseis a big turn-off, not just for the first time, but for the times forth.

Usage and Retention Techniques

It takes a lot more than just conceptualization to develop a good, user-friendly mobile application. A functional and repeatable engine that drives easy usage and retention. While developing an app, the app team must implement a sound optimization strategy that makes the app stand out in the market and churns out profits that are exceptional. Pay attention to the below mentioned areas when defining the approach.

  • Consider the gestures – tap, pinch or swipe the screen.
  • Enforce some constraints in terms of the amount of content embedded along with the overall design.
  • Pay respect to every tap on the screen. For it must help a user make process on the app.

Implementing these simple enterprise mobile solutions is the way to add value and weightage to your app in the App Market. The more user friendly it is, the better it will serve your business.