3 Must-Have Android Apps for Your Smartphone

Android applications have recently seen a massive boost, and the evolutionary process is hard to be dwindled in a nutshell. Experts are of the view that open source orientation and greater flexibility of Android OS is a key factor behind their growth. We have seen Android application development both in the infotainment industry, as well as the enterprises ― it is a highly paid job, all over the world. The fruitful outcomes of Android apps are often worth a research paper, but I have no such intention at the moment. We are here to give a short review about some of the Android apps that can benefit you in your day to day affairs. You will know about the importance of open source, too.

  1. Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs  
    After its massive popularity and success in the world of social media, especially Facebook, the social games publisher Kabam has come up with the revamped version of the dragon raising game called “Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs” (Free). The dragon raiser features a place where you build up a treasurer repository-type dragon farms, and elevate your resources by farming. After augmenting your assets, you plan an attack on the hostile forces. According to some estimates, the said game have around 15 million active players in social media.
  2. Chegg eTextbooks & Study Tools 
    Amid the importance of the eBook reading apps in the market, I have decided to give you a tease about this great little app called Chegg eTextbooks & Study Tools” by Chegg, which is focused on offering the latest and state-of-the-art, book reading and studying services. On Chegg website, you can purchase and download free eBooks. Keeping in view the current mobile penetration in online learning facilities, Chegg decided to initiate the app and it is available for free. So, don’t wait, download the app and start reading your favorite eBooks in an interactive environment. By the way, it supports tablets too!
  3. Buy Me a Pie! Grocery List Pro 
    This is a must-have app, folks! It lets you create grocery lists and share it with your friends and family members with open options for synching-based on the cloud. Buy Me a Pie! Grocery List Pro is available for only £1.92, and it will make your shopping easy and productive. You just have to give the items you want to buy and everything else, the ordering, rate wise numbering and suggestions will be given by the app itself. You can get this colossal app from Google Play Store.

So, don’t forget to download the aforementioned apps to have some fun and learn at the same time. However, if you wish to kill time in the best way possible and have fun as well, download best betting and poker apps at William Hill mobile app. You might be able to make some quick money.