10 Things To Try When Cooking and Prepping Food

Life is busy, you are busy and let’s face it when the end of the day comes you don’t want to be cooking large meals which will mean you have to slave for hours at the stove. Your life can be made easier by just doing a few simple things. You might be a busy mom or someone who is working all the time and cooking can just seem like a hassle, but it is something you have to do. Here are some great hacks and tips which will make cooking and prepping food look like a breeze and will save you a lot of valuable time.

Hard Boiled Eggs in the Oven By The Dozen

Yes, you heard right. Boil eggs in a preheated oven for about thirty minutes. Making boiled eggs this way will save you water, and you can do as many as dozens at a time. These are great on sandwiches, in salads, and as a side dish and they are healthy.

Store and Prep Vegetables in Advance

If you haven’t got time during the week to cut and wash all the veggies for your meal, then pick an hour and do it ahead of time. Any chopped vegetables will last up to a week if stored in the fridge in an airtight container and are on hand then whenever you need them.

Use Muffin Tins For a Smart and Easy Breakfast

Muffin tins aren’t perfect for just muffins. You can crack an egg into the pan and add some bacon with some cheddar cheese, and there you will have breakfast which is easy to do, quick to make and easy to clean up after. You can even make a frittata if you fancy some of these!

Use One Pan For Three Meat Dishes

If you are doing chicken in a sauce and you are feeding a large family or a group of friends then spice things up a little by using one pan and sectioning it into three by using tin foil. Think about doing a mustard sauce, a BBQ sauce and even a cream sauce and everyone will be happy then.

Freeze Smoothies In A Muffin Tin

If making a smoothie every day is a hassle then think about setting some time aside to make some bulk smoothies. Pour them into a muffin tin and freeze them down. All you need to do is take them out the freezer and blend them up with some water when you fancy one.

Jar Up Small Portions Of Nuts and Seeds

There is nothing more annoying than opening a bag of nuts and then having them go funny, soft and just not tasty at all. Make up small portions and use small glass jars to store them in. You can then grab whatever you fancy, whenever you want.

10 Things To Try When Cooking and Prepping Food

Make Up Some Oatmeal Jars

Oatmeal jars are healthy and super quick as a breakfast option. Add dried oatmeal to the bottom of the jar and then the fruits and seeds and store them in a pot or container in the fridge. They are then ready to go whenever you need a quick fix.

Cook Tin Foil Meals For Quick And Easy Meals

Tin foil meals are also known as camping meals and make for something fast and easy. Tin foil meals save a lot of time when cleaning up, and you can make just about anything from salmon to tacos!

Use Jars For Making Salads Ahead of Time

When you make salads ahead, of time, it usually goes soggy before you can eat it. The simple trick is to use a glass jar. Put the dressing at the bottom, then the hard veggies like cucumber and peppers and then put the lettuce and leaf-like salad onto the top and then add a paper towel at the very top to absorb moisture.

A Microwave Can Be Your Best Friend

There are a lot of quick cheat meals you can make in the microwave. From fish fingers to brownies in a mug, you will find loads of recipes online that you can whip up in minutes whenever you are hungry.


These are some effective tips you can apply today and make your work in the kitchen easy. Use Onion croppers to safely process them and save time. Using a cuckoo rice cooker is highly recommended as well.