10 Best Hunting Rifles Of The Past 5 Years

Over these last couple of years, we have witnessed diversity in the kinds of hunting rifles. Even in these last five years, we can observe that a variety of rifles have been introduced. Amongst many of such rifles, hunting rifles take the lead. Hunting has evolved with the introduction of various new rifles. Magpul PMAG AR-15 Magazine is one of the most amazing rifles that are known for its splendid performance, design, durability and impact strength. Chances of target escaping the attack has minimized due to the advancement in the rifles. Here we list down top 10 hunting rifles of the past 5 years:

1. Marlin 336XLR

This hunting rifle has earned massive points for itself due to its level of accuracy. It is rated high for its brilliance, performance, design and value that it offers with such incredible features.

2. Ruger No.1 Varminter K1-V-BBZ

It speaks volumes for itself. The styling of this hunting rifle is incredible. It is slightly high priced due to the commendable features it has to offer. Performance wise, it is rated to be the best with high levels of accuracy. This rifle is recommended by experts to be made as their companion during hunting.

3. Nosler M48 TGR 2010

It is the favorite of hard core hunters. It is an easy rifle to deal and tackle with. Though it is pricey for the features it serves, it is a must purchase for the hunters who are passionate about hunting with a Nosler. When it comes to performance, it is winning the hearts swiftly. Additionally, it has a trigger pull that is of 2lb 8oz.

4. Remington Model 798

The experts who have carried out the gun test with it claim it is worth the purchase. The metal work on it is eye-catching. It is rated the favorite among many hunting lovers. Its trigger pulls weighs around 7lb 10 oz. It is one of those rifles that is claimed to have manufactured with a lot of difficulty. Its popularity is brilliant.

5. Shilen DGV

It is known for its fine built and easiness of use that it serves. It is highly pricey and its trigger pull weighs somewhere around 2lb 2oz.

6. Savage Model 12F/TR

It is a fabulous and popular rifle by Savage. Its trigger pull weighs around 10.5 oz. This gun is slightly pricey. However, it is also used in shooting games.

7. Sauer 202 Avantgarde Grande

It is known to raise your standards due to its luxurious feel and splendid design. It is accurate, fabulous in terms of performance, convincing, and it runs magnificently. The feel it serves is incredible. The elegance it adds with wood patch adds more beauty to its extravagance.

8. Magpul PMAG AR-15 Magazine

It is known to reflect the major 5 years research and development that led to this splendid design. Its durability, chemical resistance, and impact strength are phenomenal. It is known perfect for hunting and shooting. The fine body of this magazine ensures an intact grip in all varying conditions for the hunters during hunting.

9. Browning T-Bolt

This works best with shooters. It suits their needs very effectively. Its trigger weighs 3lb 11oz. It is known for its durability and performance.

10. Weatherby Vanguard

Its trigger pull weighs 6lb and is relatively less pricey. It has the cartridge 257 WBY Mag. This rifle is best known for long shots. It is known to zip through ballistic barriers very easily and efficiently. It is apparently reflected as a flat shooting quarter bore. Interestingly, it is considered fine choice to make for hunting.