Why Your SEO Campaign Fails Miserably?

There are many potential problems with SEO projects and it can be difficult to pinpoint the correct one. Often, website owners don’t have long term perspectives. Any SEO plan should have a limited time period, like six months or one year. It is true that SEO activity never ends and it should continue as long as the website is in normal operation. Even so, there needs to be a definite time span, which includes a real goal. If we do this, we will be able to define value of a SEO activity and results will become much more tangible. Website owners may also shoot in the dark with their SEO activity. This could happen when they don’t have definite time limits and effective strategy to meet their short- and long-term SEO goals.

Lack of alignment can also be quite disastrous. This could cause our SEO campaign to become unconsistent. Many people start to build random link from both relevant and irrelevant links, which may contribute little to the overall ranking. If we want to obtain a lifetime traffic and lasting reputation, then an alignment is necessary. Our SEO plan should be aligned with different variables, such as diversity, relevancy and consistency of our backlinks. Problems can also happen when we just follow the leader. In this situation, our competitor still take the initiative and we just being responsive. It is not appropriate too worry too much about our competition, but we should be able to deliver better things than our competitor.

Wrong expectations should also be eliminated. It is important to avoid making high claims. Unfortunately, many clients buy into this. Business owners with zero SEO knowledge could be encouraged to believe any kind of cheap SEO scheme. We should understand the expectations and prepare all the deliverables. If we don’t understand SEO tactics, then there’s no way we will understand how it works. We should check whether it’s true that our SEO strategy is simply based on any kind of wrong expectations. It’s OK to chase a dream, but the reality is that having a successful online busines isn’t an easy thing. We will need to make our brand visible, communicate our brand and create excellent values around our brand.

Some SEO professionals think that the bigger the better. Our goal should to target a specific number of users while maintaining continuous contact. Link building is just a tool to get relevant traffic that can help us to build a loyal community for our website. Bigger isn’t always better and we should focus on what kind of result that we want. Our SEO plan should also be based on participation and value, instead of only numbers. Some people focus too much on SEO effort that they start to forget the real customers. Even if people do visit our website, they may not be willing to return if we fail to treat them as real customers. We should make sure that our SEO strategy is consistent and we should be able to get closer to our online goals.