Why You Should Get a Great Office Chair

An office chair can be a blessing or a curse for the user’s back. For maximum productivity, each worker should have his or her own chair. Having chairs built with custom measurements for each employee is not financially feasible. Fortunately, many models of office chairs that have adjustable parts to allow users to sit comfortably are available today. The following steps will help identify the right chair for each user.
The seat should be wide enough to accommodate the user’s seat and thighs comfortably. The person should be able to sit in the chair with his or her back against the backrest and the knees off the
seat. The seat’s height should be adjustable to allow the person to sit with both feet flat on the floor.
Why You Should Get a Great Office Chair
The back of the chair should adjust in height to provide maximum support. The arms should adjust to allow the person’s forearms to rest parallel to the floor. They should adjust wider or narrower for heavier or thinner body types.
Being able to sit comfortably is only one quality of a good office chair. The person should be able to get up and move around without stiffness or soreness. Unfortunately, people do not sit still all day. Reaching for pens, turning to talk to someone, leaning back to stretch and simple movements change how the chair supports the person. Unless the person sits perfectly in the chair, soreness and stiffness can result at the end of the day.
One answer is a chair that automatically adjusts itself to the user. As the person leans back, the chair back moves to continue proper support, the seat tilts and the arms adjust to the new posture. When the person resumes the previous posture, the chair automatically adjusts. The Leap Chair is one chair that performs all these functions automatically and without using electricity.
Healthy Back is one company that provides a variety of equipment for home and office use such as desk chairs, exercise equipment, massage equipment and the Leap Chair. A business that offers healthier seating to employees enjoys higher productivity and fewer man-hours lost to sick days for pain.