Why You Should Buy Android Tablets Instead of Apple iPad

Apple iPad series is available in the market for more than a few years. These devices are still among the hottest consumer products available. However, many would agree that despite their premium prices, Apple iPad models often lack some of the basic features, such as USB port, removable battery, expandable memory slot and others. For this reason, many people tend to choose Android tablets. People who want to get the most back for the buck would find that current Android tablets are true winners. The most important factor of Android tablets is the much lower prices.

People who need standard tablet usages often find that Android tablets are already enough. Android tablets are also available in many different sizes, more than Apple iPad. There are even extra large Android tablets that are useful for special purposes, such as semi-fixed entertainment center and marketing tool. Latest Android OS versions also provide true multitasking, just like iOS. It means that Android tablets are able to deliver similar usability, despite their lower pricing. Android models also have multi-core processors and they are able to easily perform multitasking.

Some Android models are also equipped with impressed photography features. iPad is equipped with camera as well and it is known for impressive photography results. Again, this proves that we don’t need to pay a premium to get proper photos. Many Android tablets also have front-facing cameras. Just like iPad, Android tablet owners could still install various apps to improve the overall photography solutions. It is also very easy to perform syncing task with Android tablets. We would only need to use standard USB cable and plug it in into a Windows computer.

When Android tablets are connected to the PC, they will behave like normal USB flash drive. It’s a slower process with Apple iPad. Another great advantage of Android tablets is that the availability of removable batteries. With the iPad, we would need to go to the nearest Apple repair center to get our battery replaced. It can be quite expensive that many users tend to replace the iPad with a newer model. Repairing an Apple iPad is also quite expensive and components are costlier individually. In fact, the cost of repairing an Apple iPad can be more expensive than buying a low-cost Android tablet.

Also, because Apple iPad doesn’t have removable storage, it is easier for us to lose data. Apple provides easy way to allow users to upload data and information to its proprietary cloud storage. Unfortunately, people who have limited Internet access could be reluctant to transfer gigabytes of data to a cloud service. It is much cheaper to purchase a 16GB microSD card for Android devices. When an Android tablet is damaged, users could simply remove the microSD card and send the device to the technician. When we send an iPad to the technician, all of our data is also sent. So, it is possible that dishonest technicians to steal our valuable information. Although Apple is a highly reputable company, there’s no guarantee that the technician isn’t honest.