Why WordPress Development Is Cost Effective & Efficient?

Since its inception in 2003 as a blogging tool, WordPress has evolved as the most feature-packed Content Management System (CMS) worldwide. Today, the platform turns out to be ideal for both blogs as well as websites. And it is estimated that more than 60 million websites are being powered by WordPress which means more than 20% of the top 10 million websites are powered by the CMS platform. Starting from the local shop nearby to enterprise organizations such as Sony, BBC news, MTV news, TechCrunch, Quartz and many more rely on the functionality and brilliant features offered by WordPress.

Started off as a platform geared to blogging has gradually morphed into a revolutionary, feature-rich Content Management System, with the framework to support high-end websites! Here in the following post, we will cover why WordPress development is cost effective & efficient or why one needs to hire developer from a WordPress development company to power their business websites.

Best handy tool ever

One of the most obvious reasons why the CMS is so popular is due to its user-friendly feature that provides both the WordPress developer and users an experience like never before. If we think from the user perspective, you don’t need to have any prior coding knowledge or even be technically-savvy to operate the CMS platform. And since it is pretty straightforward and modular based, it becomes super easy for any developer to build an attention-grabbing site. So whether you are an entry level developer or an experienced one, WordPress is a platform that is very easy to learn and play with.

Plugins/extensions that make impossible possible

If you are looking for free/paid plugins, modules or extensions, it’s a WordPress development company’s dream world. Unlike all the other CMS platform, WordPress offers you more than 30000 options to choose from. And since millions of websites and blogs are using WordPress plugins and extensions, one can get 100% ensured of having a custom designed website in no time. Moreover, it is always advisable to ask for recommendations from your professionals based on your business needs in case if they might have installed similar plugins or extensions for their clients in the past.

Open source and flexible

There are numerous CMS platforms around, some are paid while others are completely free! WordPress is a reliable open source platform which does not require any licensing or annual fees. In addition to this, it is free from restrictions. WordPress development involves plenty of flexible options in terms of different layouts, elements, menus, and functionality for different posts, pages, categories for your blog.

Mobile responsive

One of the finest benefits of seeking help from a WordPress development company is that the themes available in the market today are mobile-friendly. With over 50% views coming on mobile devices, Search engines especially Google has started taking mobile optimization very seriously. Mobile responsiveness has become quite an important factor when it comes to search ranking algorithms, whether get found in search engines or not.

Loved by SEO professionals

Creating a website or having a blog is one thing but one needs to make sure that it’s visible and your potential clients are able to find you online while searching for products offered by you. In fact, you will be quite interested in knowing the fact that world’s largest search engine Google is the big fan of WordPress and Let me show you why?

  • A WordPress developer makes use of schemes markup text to highlight some of the most important areas of the website.
  • One can easily optimize meta-des, title, tags and other important elements of on-page optimization.
  • WordPress does not use frames or complicated coding and hence can be indexed easily by search engines
  • Search engine optimization plays an important role in growing your business so it is always best to go with a search engine friendly website development platform.

Multimedia support

Multimedia is one of the most important ingredients for numerous websites today! Although, content is still the king. Search engines see multimedia as the sign of more immense, engaging website experience. In fact, several WordPress development companies recommend incorporating video content or else the user will leave the site within a span of a few seconds. Starting from videos to images, forms, RSS feeds, social media feeds, multimedia covers it all.

Final thoughts

WordPress is a one-stop-shop platform for all your design and web development needs. Hiring a WordPress development company can offer you benefits like never before. So why invest anywhere else?