Why IV Hydration Therapy Is Good To Cure Hangover

When you spend a weekend or vacation nights drinking, you definitely feel hungover the next morning. If you are drunk, that means you are dehydrated. But you might not be aware of how hangover contributes to dehydration symptoms and what is the best cure for it. You might think gulping a few bottles of water is the only best remedy to fight this after hours hangover. IV hydration therapy, a treatment by medical professionals, is way better to aid dehydration caused by a hangover. Below are the strong reasons why:

IV (Intravenous Vitamin) fluids hydrate you quicker than drinking water

Thirst is the result of a mazy feedback mechanism in your brain. So when you experience dryness, you drink water and feel relieved instantly. But, drinking a few bottles of water or some lemonade is not enough even if you feel quenched for a while. It hydrates just the skin tissues of your mouth, tongue, and throat. Water needs to be absorbed in the large intestine, and thus, it takes many hours to benefit your body after you start drinking water.

IV hydration therapy works immediately as the fluids go directly into blood streams. The treatment increases the fluid volume in your body and makes you feel better right away.

It is possible for you to require 3 to 4 liters after a night of hard drinking and likely because of vomiting. Scientific studies say that your body absorbs 500ml of water in up to 2 hours, which means oral consumption of water can take several hours to fulfill your body needs until you feel quenched.

Why IV Hydration Therapy Is Good To Cure Hangover

IV hydration is the best therapy when you are nauseated

When you are hungover, even if you didn’t drink at the extent of throwing up, anything you eat or drink triggers vomiting. Nausea is the worst part of a hangover and plays a bigger role in dehydration as it makes difficult to keep anything in the stomach.

Supplying IV fluids is the obvious answer in such condition. This therapy prevents you from nauseating as the fluids bypass the digestive system intravenously. Medications added in the liquids easily heal your churning stomach and heartburn.

When you are dehydrated, water is not the only thing your body needs. Your body also lacks minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium. You need a vital dose of electrolyte solutions to fasten the process of natural body cycle. IV therapy is helpful to provide your body essential electrolytes as you are too loathsome to eat or to have any energy drink. Holistic Medicine Chicago is the right place for a perfect treatment when you are hungover. This IV therapy, to cure your hangover, consists of saline in precise amount as an electrolyte that you receive along with magnesium and potassium. Thus, it allows you to get better faster than the consumption of water or food.

– Beneficial components can be added in the IV hydration treatment

You see a lot more options than just minerals and saline you get through your therapy. Some highly useful substances can be added to ease your nausea and headache or the dizzy feeling. There are chances of throwing up when you are on medication or trying to cure dehydration through liquids or foods. But, this therapy considers crucial vitamins and minerals, anti-oxidants and anti-vomiting drugs, and anti-inflammatory agents that treat everything at once.

IV hydration therapy works promptly. It goes directly into the blood vessels. It eliminates the sick feeling in a minimum of 20 minutes and a maximum of an hour, which means it is the fastest and easiest way to get you re-hydrated and back to your healthy routine.