Why Is Swimming Good For Your Body

Did you know that swimming burns calories as good as the running? It is one of those forms of recreation that are fun, but at the same time good for weight loss and tightening the entire body. In addition, just like any form of physical activity, it has its own benefits for the health. Call Salvosa today if you are interested in improving your health condition with regular physical activity.

Why Is Swimming Good For Your Body

It is true that physical activity is good for the health, but is it really any activity is good for you? Some exercises will not do you good if you have joint pain, some are a nightmare if you have back pain. You may be jumping too hard and do not like that feeling? You are overweight a simple walk is good enough for you?

Swimming is the best choice for you, because it moves every single muscle. Swimming is a physical activity that is recommended for pregnant women and the elderly, and if they can do it so can you!
The density of water is higher than the density of air. Therefore, the movements under water are slow, and your body is working more slowly and does not suffer the burden of your movement.

Here’s how swimming improves health:

Improves heart function. Swimming is easy once you learn how to do it and does not burden the body. However, it is not the same as sitting on a chair and requires the engagement of the muscles, including the most important muscle in our body – the heart muscle. However, you have to admit that swimming in the water is a bit more interesting. It improves circulation and forces the heart to pump blood, however, as opposed to sitting in the chair, reduces the chances of high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.

It reduces stress and relaxes. This is a good anti-stress therapy when you have a pool in your own backyard. If you do not have it you can use a public pool.

Improves your sex life. Not only increases your libido, but maintains your endurance and stamina at an excellent level and increases your mobility. Also, it is believed that it increases the levels of testosterone and estrogen.

Improves lung health. Experts say that recreational swimming is great for people with asthma because it requires a correct and deep breathing. With time the breathing problems will decrease.

Advantages of swimming in the sea

Swimming is very good for the health, regardless of whether you are swimming in fresh or salty water. However, sea water has additional advantages:

Strengthens the immune system

Has effects on general health and recovery. Going on holiday is not accidentally related to the sea. Refreshments can be found anywhere, but swimming in the sea can make you feel completely reborn. Sea water is rich in magnesium which affects muscle relaxation. This in turn reduces tension and muscle pain, stress.