Why Girls Enjoy Being In A PG Over A Rented House

In recent times, Gurgaon has turned into one of the industrial hubs of Northern India. Many colleges and universities have emerged in the area and so have a number of industries. This industrialization is pulling in many young people from around the world. When someone goes to live in a new city, the most important facility to be kept in mind is accommodation. When one goes for a job, or to study, it proves to be quite expensive to stay at a hotel. The other two choices are PG systems and home renting.

Another important aspect is women’s safety. If a woman goes to study or work, their safety should be the first priority, mainly where they stay. Some of the other factors that are of concern to women are hygiene, facility and price. A PG for girls in Gurgaon has to be chosen quite meticulously. Some of the main factors to be kept in mind while choosing a PG for girls in Gurgaon are:

Affordability: The PG has to be quite affordable, or else it will be better to rent a house.

Safety: One of the most important factors is safety. As we all know, Delhi is not the safest place for girls. Thus, a PG should have a sound security facility in the form of a 24 hour guard. It is much safer if the PG has got security cameras near the entrances and exits.

Hygiene and comfort: The PG should be hygienic, like it should not be located beside any garbage disposal area. Moreover, the bathrooms should be regularly cleaned. Also, the rooms must be spacious and neat.

Meal: Most PGs provide both meals and lodging. In such cases, the food must be hygienic, good and sufficient.

Locality: The location of the PG is also important. It should be located in a friendly and safe neighborhood. The local people should be educated enough not to create unnecessary problems for women.

Facilities: These are basically some of the luxuries a PG may or may not have. The basic rent for the PG varies with the luxuries and facilities it provides to the residents. Some of the facilities are:

Air-conditioning: Gurgaon is known to have severe summers with temperatures rising quite high. So, living in a PG with air-conditioning will be a much better option.

Geyser: Even winter conditions are severe. So, having a Geyser helps.

WiFi: This is an added luxury but very useful for students and working professionals.  

Advantages of PG Over Rented Housing

Some will say PGs are better and some will say rented housing. When one compares both, for single women, PGs are a better accommodation. A PG in Gurgaon more or less has all the facilities mentioned above. One of the main advantages is that PGs cost lesser than rented housing. In rented houses, one needs to take care of everything on their own, be it electricity bill deposit, cleaning or added luxuries like TV, fridge or AC. Even meals have to be taken care of by the tenants. Still, one gets a certain amount of privacy in a rented house. All in all, it can be seen that for single women, PGs are a better choice but for families, rented housing will be better.