Which Gutters Are The Best?

The answer to this question is, in most cases, subjective. All modern gutters are built to high standards. They come in different styles and colors, and they can be made from a range of materials. Generally, it will not make a huger difference to the performance and life expectancy no matter which material you choose when you buy a premium gutter system. Perhaps the important thing when deciding on what type of new premium gutter system to buy is how it fits in with the style of your building. The choices available are:

Vinyl Guttering

These are among the most popular premium gutter systems on the market. Vinyl guttering tends to be the cheapest available. It has many advantages over other types. Vinyl does not rust or corrode, and it does not require any maintenance other than cleaning. Vinyl is a lightweight material, making it easier to install.

Vinyl is not a suitable choice in places where temperatures can drop very low. Vinyl tends to become brittle in extreme cold, and this can cause vinyl gutters to crack. Another potential drawback is that once installed, you are stuck with your chosen color because vinyl cannot easily be painted.

Aluminum Guttering

Aluminum guttering may be more expensive than vinyl guttering, but it shares many of the same advantages, making it a very popular choice. It’s lightweight, corrosion proof and easy to install. Unlike vinyl, aluminum guttering does not become brittle in extreme cold, so it can be used in areas where vinyl guttering would be inappropriate. If you need to change the appearance of aluminum guttering, you can paint it.

Whereas vinyl guttering comes only in segments that are clipped together, aluminum guttering can be custom made without any need for seams. Since seams are often the first part to fail in guttering systems, having the option to install seamless gutters is an advantage.

Stainless Steel Guttering

Stainless steel gutters are extremely strong. They are also corrosion proof. However, they are considerably more expensive and heavier than vinyl or aluminum guttering, so stainless steel gutters are not commonly found on private homes.

Copper Guttering

Copper guttering has the same properties and drawbacks as stainless steel guttering. Because of its price, it is rarely used in home guttering.

Wooden Guttering

Guttering made from wood was once the most popular choice, but it has been almost completely superseded by more modern guttering. It is rare to find wood guttering. It may be considered when trying to preserve a historic, older home.