When To Look For An Orthodontist

Orthodontists are specialized dentists who do a slightly different job from your typical general dentist. Their main duties include the ability to diagnose, prevent and treat different dental and facial irregularities. Their training begins with achieving the basic dental degree after which the orthodontist will go for specialized training in any one of the many accredited orthodontic residency programs.

When To Look For An Orthodontist

Orthodontists are not similar to cosmetic dentists who basically perform different teeth straightening procedures that may also include the application of dental braces. Orthodontist usually go a step further in their training; they receive specialized training to enable them straighten teeth and align jaws through a specially accredited training program. At this stage in their training there may not be any accreditation for cosmetic dentistry.

We all love to smile but sometimes a person’s desire to smile can be hindered by lack of straight and bright teeth and this will definitely puncture their self-esteem. With the self confidence that comes as a result of having a great smile, most people who have attractive smiles are almost always sure to get ahead in their careers and when it comes to social relationships, they are normally considered more attractive to persons  of the opposite sex. It is an open secret that healthy, straight teeth will even change the appearance and shape of a person’s face. One other important thing about straight teeth is that they general make it easier for someone to chew and bite in addition to speaking more clearly. People with straight teeth also get other related health benefits apart from the fact that properly aligned teeth are less susceptible to damage from trauma and tooth decay.

Staying with untreated orthodontic problems has been known to lead to other dental problems such as periodontal or gum disease, tooth decay and the abnormal wear of tooth surfaces. The jaw joints can become misaligned as a result of crooked teeth leading to a person experiencing severe headaches in addition to neck or face pain. Orthodontist have the training and experience that will enable a person to not to experience some of these problems through the installation of dental braces; braces can treat under bite, over bite, improperly spaced teeth and crooked teeth.

Children should generally be able to see an orthodontist from as early as five years even though they may not be placed on a full course of treatment until they have developed their permanent teeth; this is at the age of about seven years. It is generally recommended that children receive orthodontic treatment as early as is practically possible because when you wait for too long, it will make it more difficult for an orthodontist to effect the treatment of some malocclusions, in other words, “bad bites” or crooked teeth.