When Should You Use Plastic and When Should You Use Glass Pipettes?

Whether your lab conducts chemistry or biology research, or whether you work directly with patients in a medical lab, it is important that you always have the right tools for the job. Among those tools, you likely already have some pipettes in your collection. While there are many different types of pipettes out there, all of them are concerned primarily with helping you measure chemicals and properly use them in the lab.

Of course, beyond the major types that are available, you also have the choice between using plastic or glass for your research. In some cases, you might look towards the traditional solution of glass, but other times you might instead prefer the costs and flexibility of plastic. Before making up your mind and ordering from a company like Wheaton Glass, you might want to consider the advantage of both.

When Should You Use Plastic and When Should You Use Glass Pipettes?

Understanding the Tolerances of Glass

Traditionally, using glass in a laboratory was simply what you had to do. Even shortly after the introduction of plastic, researchers did not want to have it in the lab because it did not have the tolerances put forth by glass. Specifically, glass can handle a gamut of various chemicals that would otherwise destroy plastic. It can also take on much more extreme temperatures, which means that you can clean it more thoroughly to remove any traces of the previous test. Overall, it provides an exceptional option for pipettes.

Why Is Plastic So Great?

Alternatively, plastic is often less expensive to glass and provides a bit more flexibility. Specifically, you don’t have to worry about it breaking if it is knocked over. For this reason, plastic is popular in many academic settings as well as for those times when you are not using any volatile chemicals. After all, why spend the extra money on glassware when plastic will do the trick just as well but with a lower price tag. Whichever you decide is best for you, Wheaton Glass is certainly the type of company you want to be ordering your equipment from.

Get the Best Quality with Wheaton Glass

Regardless of whether you lab needs some more glassware of some additional plastic pipettes, there are few options out there that even come close to Wheaton Glass. Founded in 1888, Wheaton is the type of company that truly sticks to the principles of scientific discovery and shows it by adapting to all of the latest technological advances. In this industry, being able to stick around for over 125 years is accomplishment enough, but they go above and beyond in that they have moved well past their original glass manufacturing and now offer a wide assortment of laboratory equipment.

So, if it is quality you are after, whether glass or plastic, remember that there is really only one name to buy from: Wheaton Glass. By using these pipettes in your lab, you can ensure that all your experiments run smoothly and that you get the absolute best results from everything you do.

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