When Is It Best to Get A Family Lawyer Involved?

There are seemingly endless types of lawyers in today’s world. It seems as though nearly any situation requires a need for representation. However, one type of lawyer is perhaps the most personal, a family lawyer. A family lawyer is equipped to handle legal family matters of all kinds. From entering a marriage to exiting a marriage, assisting with the best interests of children, and more, family lawyers handle the most sensitive matters in a person’s life. Understanding when it is best to get a family lawyer involved can help not only you but your family as a whole as well.

There are numerous instances in which getting a family lawyer involved is beneficial to everyone. If you are undergoing any of the following life changes that require legal involvement, you’re likely entering the world of family law and may find it beneficial to have the help of a professional to assist you.

Divorce or Separation

Divorce in of itself is a serious matter. Not only are you and your partner ending your current marriage, but you must also begin to plan for life after the two of you have separated. From finances to children, divorce completely changes your entire family’s dynamic. Some divorces end amicably with little disagreement, these are often referred to as “uncontested”. Both parties are willing to go their separate ways, though this absolutely doesn’t mean they’ll remain friends or anything beyond exes going forward. Although it may be tempting to forgo a family attorney during an uncontested divorce, it is not wise. Even though both parties may agree on all topics and mutually agree that the marriage simply isn’t working, there is important paperwork to file to finalize the divorce that a family attorney is much more equipped to handle. 

Some divorces are more complicated, these are also perhaps more common. Oftentimes, couples that take the leap of divorce don’t quite agree on how finances, assets, and children will be handled upon the dissolution of the marriage. In these instances, it is best to have legal counsel represent your best interests. Family lawyers are specially equipped to strategize, analyze your particular situation, and fight for the best outcome for you and your family.

Custody Proceedings and Agreements

Much like divorce, child custody agreements are particularly sensitive topics for many families, especially those where such things either are or could become a definite possibility. Deciding where a child or children will reside during the school year, holiday visitations, and figuring out the general schedules involved with trading off custody, in general, can be a power struggle for many separated spouses who both want time to be a parent. A parenting plan is often necessary for such scenarios. A parenting plan is a legally binding document that clearly spells out all aspects of custody. If you are drafting a new parenting plan or wish to modify (change) the current parenting plan it is highly advisable to utilize a family attorney. There are many intricacies to family law and children, a skilled attorney will be able to efficiently and successfully navigate this complicated terrain. In the end, having a family attorney on hand is not only in the parent’s best interest but in the best interests of the child(ren) as well.


Not all family law is filled with turmoil. In fact, some aspects of family law have the opportunity to be quite joyous and exciting. For example, nothing quite compares to the excitement of adding a new addition to your family through processes like adoption. An adoption at any age for a child is a wonderful event for both the prospective parents and the children. 

However, carrying out an adoption of any kind is not all roses and rainbows, though it is a much lighter task compared to divorce or custody battles. Performing a legally binding adoption through the courts requires some serious paperwork, red tape, and patience – on your end, but also on the child’s end. One way to possibly expedite the process and a way to ensure the process is performed correctly is to bring a family lawyer on board. In fact, if you want the process to pick up speed hiring someone to legally assist you may be absolutely necessary.

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements often referred to as “prenups” are becoming more and more common in today’s society. These agreements are meant as a predetermined agreement on how property and assets would be divided in the event of a divorce or death. Many couples decide to enter a prearranged agreement before marriage for a variety of reasons, whether that be they’ve felt the sting of the courts dividing their assets instead or they hold significant assets prior to the marriage they want to protect. No matter what your personal reasons may be, however, a prenup is a painless process for many experienced family attorneys to perform.

Whether it’s that you’re entering a marriage, ending a marriage, or caring for your children, a family attorney is someone specialized to help you with your family-related legal affairs. Depending on your season of life, it may be time to consider getting a family lawyer involved in your affairs. Even simply consulting someone who knows their way around familial laws and legal situations can provide valuable insight on what you’re starting moves, or next moves if you’ve already begun the process of pursuing legal action, should be going forward.