What’s The Best Form of Law?

It is a common fact that people need a law and without order, no thriving civilization can exist. When the law and order become weak, even the most prosperous civilization collapses. People had been ruled by ever possible forms of law in the past, whether when they were under kings, emperors, dictators, despots or thugs. In the past, the law was the rulers themselves, but today, even elected leaders are also ruled by laws. Civilized nations often take pride in claiming that the law is at the highest position, whether it’s the constitution or local criminal laws. Laws are supposed to be at a supreme position, so that modern presidents and prime ministers are subordinate to them.

A good law can be written and understood easily by common people. Laws are codified in books and they need to give citizens a feeling that they are equals. Good citizens respect and adopt laws, especially those that are made to benefit the whole society. Those who break the law are considered criminals and they could bring chaos. Yet, unjust laws could cause people to suffer and this had happened in history. Laws shouldn’t be a prison that suffocates the freedom of common citizens. The law should still allow people to be happy and perform responsible acts of joy. In this case, law abiders shouldn’t lose their happiness, in fact, the law should ensure happiness in a society, upholding the law and order.

Bad laws lack human qualities and they treat people as innate objects. Laws should behave and work like human being would do. Laws should be a friend for most people and they should ensure that people can be happy and so much better. When people abide laws; laws can be their best friend. They will be protected and entirely happy. However, what will happen if law is an enemy, especially if it conflicts with our full aspirations. People should express their opinions strongly to the authority and lawmakers, of laws make it harder for them to lead a respectable life. Laws are more than just telling people about the differences between the right and wrong, people should make sure that they can remain happy.

Because human life is complex, the law can be consisted of thousands of regulations related to multiple topics. Laws should be a master they ensure tremendous powers in all civilized societies. Despite its superior status, the implementation of law is often different in each country. Despite their strict implementation, laws shouldn’t be heartless and cruel. In fact, people should be able to make laws to serve them in gaining their objectives in legal manners. In this case, there’s little difference between the highest leader and the common citizen.

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