What Your Inner Interior Designer Says About You

Do your hands itch when they see something out of place? Do you enjoy splurging on decorative pieces for the home while abroad? You may not realize it but the furnishings that you choose can say a lot about your personality. After all, most people spend a lot of time in their homes and decorate to their personal tastes. What do your furniture and decorations say about you?


Rustic hardwood floors, neutral color schemes and wicker furnishings are the keystones in country decor. This style makes us think of days relaxing under a blanket while reading a good book, or late night chats by a fireplace with friends.

Lush green gardens, comfy armchairs, heavy afghan blankets and large furniture add to the cushy ambiance of a country home. They are also extremely personalized and call for walls and shelves covered over with pictures of family and friends. Once your home is finished, all you will need is the dog and cat for the picture to be complete.


Lamps from Asia, fabrics from the Eastern Europe and vibrantly-colored accents from Central America are examples of decorations that you can expect to cover the home of the jet-setters. And bohemians are usually world travelers. Whether tidy or messy, these homes are certainly interesting. Chances are they are messy and crowded, however, with souvenirs and trinkets scattered around each corner and available space.

If you consider yourself bohemian, your life is most likely all about peace, fun, love and art. This is why you should forget a color scheme; the bohemian home is full of different shades and hues. It is also full of plants. In the eyes of a boho artist, the home is a canvas and the furnishings are the paints.


If serenity and organization are more your styles, you may be among those who believe that less is more. Forget vibrant colors or spaces that stand out, because neutral tones and clean lines are more likely to do the trick in making your house feel like home. Of course, no one wants to come across as boring, and you choose to express your creative side with ornate artwork placed in carefully selected locations.

Storage is important to the minimalist, as long as it doesn’t stick out. Opting for mounted shelves will free up floor space while displaying the few books and decorations that you want to show off.

Lights are sometimes overlooked items that can make a big difference. Adding lots of light (and freeing up window space) will make rooms look larger and more spacious.


Your style revolves around current trends and so should your home. Modern houses look like minimalist homes that have taken a few steps forward. Fashion-forward, to be exact. These homes always exhibit the latest and best patio furniture, lighting arrangements, kitchen gadgets and living room furniture.

White, black, brown and gray are certainly popular colors in a modern home because they never go out of style. The modern-chic home will add with a pop of color, sometimes in a random place. Why not a red accent wall?

These are also hybrid spaces that will take the best from each genre that you love. Position your favorite wicker chair cater-cornered and in the center of two bright bold pieces of artwork from your latest vacation. Do you love the beach? Add votives filled with seashells on shelves to break up the space between books.