What Your Dresses Secretly Speak About You?

Is your character reflected in the way you dress? The 73% user says yes! Moreover, the rest 27% say no.

Don’t know what your mind speaks about this, but it has no doubt that the well dressed persons like by everybody. The well dressing is needs from college to a wedding, or a farewell party for a birthday celebration. Although, it is not fair to judge anybody by his or her looks, but the society continue going on this way for judge you.

The world-leading magazine Forbes added that what we wear could passes information about our personality, such as what types of employment we are, as well as what our ambitions, emotions and habits.

Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner, the Clinical psychologist through the light in her new book that she calls the “psychology of dress.” In the book “You Are What You Wear: What Your Clothes Reveal about You,” she explains how the psychology expert determines what we like in cloths etc.

Here is one more story about American; actually, they rely on clothing as an economical and social status indicator, says Dr. Baumgartner. You no need to apply the James bond dressing style, but the tailors dummy can help you look better, the dressmaker’s dummy is the essential tools using by the expert to give  professional look to dress. Both the male and female tailor’s dummies available in market with different sizes, materials and color, the choice yours.

What Your Dresses Secretly Speak About You?

What Your Clothes Reveal About You

The Northwestern University conduct a study called “enclothed cognition.” The purpose was what your cloth can leak your secret about your personality. In research standard white lab coats distributed to the participants, the researcher tells somebody that this is doctor coat, while to rest participants they said this is painter’s smock. Same task gives to all, and the participants those wearing the doctor’s cot were more caring and attentive.

In addition, the result proves that, their work influence by their clothing. What you wear also depends on which profession you are, for example, if you are teachers in university the T-shirt and jeans some time suits to your jobs. In another case, a lawyer needs wear professional, elegant clothing to give the right vibe to clients and to workmates. What your clothes tell others about you read below

7 ways of Nonverbal Communication

  1. Appearance– If we decide to give priority to work, then we will have to learn to dress and groom to suit the job
    • Dress for status
    • Look Appealing
  2. Posture & Positioning -says a lot about personality & state of mind such as
    • Attentive-Interested
    • Slouching-Board, Submission
  3. Proxemics-Personal Space
    • How far people space themselves from another person

Source: By amandamcg

“If we decide to give priority to work, then we will have to learn to dress and groom to suit the job”-Unknown

“The way I dress, I dress totally different than I did when I was in college. I have to – try to – look professional. You change a lot when you are in the NBA, but I know where I came from.” -Derrick Rose

Nowadays the dressmaker-using tailor set for give professional touch to their work.