What Range Of Sizes Can You Have For Bi-fold Doors?

Bi-folding doors are one of the most sought after home improvement products on the current market, with a range of different options available to help showcase your property.

For the domestic property, most bi-folding doors come in a 2-5 pane arrangement with all the panels going the same way via the track system. They can however have splitting bi folding doors which go to the left and the right. More conventionally however all going to the right is the preferred option.

The maximum amount of panes on one track is seven so you can therefore only have 7 panels going in one direction., For larger properties, such as restaurants or commercial units, the most available is 14 panels with a 7/7 split on the panels.

All the panes are the same size because of the concertina effect of the doors. The smallest size currently available is about 550mm, which means a two pane door could be about 1300mm in total size. The maximum size is around 935mm in width. The panels of class can have a height of anything up to 3mm, although this is the limit. The satch width can only be 1.2m in accordance with health and safety guidelines and all frames with are a standard size.

You can have no access options from the outside which is achieved on even number doors. This is because there is no space for the door to fold without taking up additional space.

Via two different systems the AluK system and the Schuco system, different results can be achieved, however both offer great levels of quality throughout.

With specialist companies such as Clearview also offering great additional extras such as the use of very high efficiency glass, you can also achieve great other benefits with your bi-folding doors too.