What Is The Cause Of Swollen Feet And Arms

Swelling of the legs and arms in the summer period is very common and it is mostly due to the high temperature and the effect of the gravity. Due to heat, blood vessels are spreading and there is a problem of returning blood from the extremities to the heart. The accumulation of excess fluid further becomes apparent when one is too long standing or sitting in one place. GrowLegally canada will share with you the most common causes of swollen feet and arms during the summer period making sure you get the appropriate help on time and eliminate the problem.

What Is The Cause Of Swollen Feet And Arms

This condition however may also be a sign that the individual is experiencing some health problems such as inadequate lymphatic system, heart, lung, liver, kidney and thyroid diseases also cause edema of the feet and hands, as well as joints.

Some drugs, such as those for blood pressure therapy, and pain relief also lead to this phenomenon.

Over time, due to frequent swelling, the skin above the swollen parts may look stretched and bright. With light pressure and removal of the finger, there will remain a hole in the skin, and it can be painful.
If the swelling is caused by lung disease, such as emphysema or chronic bronchitis, withdrawal from smoking the recovery will be very hard. For individuals with chronic heart failure, monitoring of fluid and salt intake is necessary.

In addition to treating the underlying disease, it is advisable to raise the swollen leg above the level of the heart, to put a pillow under the legs, and to sit back and forth in a long-term sitting or standing in place, stopping the walking or exercising of the leg muscles: moving the foot up and down like pumping movements.

For this type of disorders it is of great help to put elastic bandage on the legs, and above all, wearing elastic stockings. Of course, it is necessary that their wearing and the type and degree of compression are prescribed by the doctor. The same applies to diuretics.

If you are prone to swelling to your arms and legs it is important to protect them from additional pressure and injury. In the event of complications, the onset of pain, redness, or heat in the swollen part you need to see a doctor so that they can run the required tests and establish what where the real problem lies.

If you are experiencing this type of condition it is important to eat balanced and healthy meals and take a lot of vitamins and minerals.
Your leg can get better or completely healed by taking more fluids, primarily water and teas. It is important to eat foods rich in iron and vitamin B, such as spinach, pepper, beans, pineapple. It is also important to remove tobacco and alcohol from your life and reduce salt intake into the body.