What Does A Crane Operator Do?

A crane operator’s job is not only to conduct the use of a crane, but also has to make sure that all safety procedures are carried out and then followed through. A crane happens to be one of the largest, and therefore, most dangerous pieces of equipment on the planet. For that reason, those people operating them have to be well trained to take their job very seriously, and always be on the lookout for hazards.

Should a crane operator be operating a mobile crane that is moved from job site to job site, one of the most crucial responsibilities will be to do a pre-operation inspection. This includes making sure all hydraulic systems are in top working order, making 100% sure that the machine is stable, and then able to operate safely in the conditions where it will be operating. This inspection has to be carried out after each job move.

What Does A Crane Operator Do?

Not as easy as it looks

A crane operator’s job is usually to move heavy equipment or materials from one place to another. And often, that place is at an elevation above or occasionally below its original position, thus the necessity for a machine to do the lifting and moving. The operator is responsible for manoeuvring the main arm (boom) into the right place, lowering a line and hook, which is then connected to the load by him or other workers, and then moving the object to the destination.

On other jobs, a crane operator may be using a wrecking ball for demolition. On all tasks, the crane operator has to be able to make the right decision, and professionally utilize the many gears of a crane to make effective movements. On the lookout for crane hire in Perth? Contact professionals with a great name for reliability and trustworthiness.

Not a Typical 9 – 5 Occupation

Crane operator employment can often involve long hours, and sometimes working in difficult conditions. Most construction jobs are ever the kind of typical jobs where one has a steady shift and steady hours. An operator might be subject to fluctuations in the economy, or even seasonal fluctuations. Those who happen to live in colder climes where it consistently gets to below freezing in the wintertime, plus snowstorms, may not have that many opportunities for operator jobs. During this time, some may have to find a second job to supplement an income.

A crane operator has at all time to maintain the very best channel of communication with other workers who he will be working with. If communications break down, it is then up to the operator to quickly sort out how best to proceed. Most of the time, this will involve the suspension of operations until communications are back up.

Not just levers!

Well then, not such an easy job is it? And certainly not for those who don’t like taking on responsibilities! And you thought it was all about pushing and pulling levers!