What Do You Need To Know About SPC and Kanaban Course?

When a team is given any kind of task, the team is ought to complete the task at any cost. But we cannot say that, the situation may favor the team all the time. At times, the team may experience some inconveniences. In such cases, the team has to handle the things effectively and tend to increase the productivity of the team. The team kanaban practitioner certification course is something that will let you know how to handle the team effectively.

What Do You Need To Know About SPC and Kanaban Course?

What the Course is about?

The course covers the Kanaban principles, ideas on interactive simulation game, ticket designs and classes of service on basic concepts, board design. The participants taking part in the course would come to know about the working of theKanaban technology. This course can be done in a day or two.

When Do You Need to Implement Kanaban?

Of course, you should not implement the kanaban technology in all such situations. Rather, you have to know when you should implement the technology to get the favorable results. You can implement the kanaban technology in the following situations,

  • Non-agile groups that would like to switch to move quickly, nevertheless thinks that going with scrum could be daunting and hazardous.
  • The team that anticipates for a substitute way to quickness.
  • Grown-up Scrum team that would like to switch to a permanent delivery path.
  • Novice Scrum team strives hard to attain the constant speed of enhancement.
  • Scrum groups that are weighed down by the regular fluctuations in the sprint scope.

Who should do the Course?

This course is suitable for the following professionals,

  • Agile coaches
  • Project managers
  • Program managers
  • Business analysts
  • Software developers
  • Agile consultant
  • And persons that are interested to learn something about kanaban technology.

What about SPC Course?

The phrase SPC stands for SAFe Program Consultant. This course is something that also will teach you regarding handling the agile team in a fair manner. The intention of the SPC course Boston is to make people including external consultants and internal agents to handle the agile transformation team and adopt the agile scaled framework to the large scale product.

This course can be learned in four days. The first two days of the course will focus on teaching you the basic principles of SAFe. The next two days will concentrate on teaching you how to adopt and implement the SAFe accurately. This course will groom you to manage the agile team and implement the agile function and scrum rules.

Who should do the Course?

This course is designed for the following professionals,

  • Practitioners
  • Enterprise leaders
  • Consultants
  • Agents
  • And persons that have interest in learning the course

Fundamentals of the Course

No fundamentals required for both the courses. So, professionals can do the course without having any prior knowledge in Kanaban technology.

Getting the Course Certificate

All the candidates have to appear for an online examination after the completion of the course and will score more than 70% marks to receive the course certification.