What Are The Pros And Cons of Oppo F17? Is It Worth Buying?

We take a look at one of the best-selling Oppo models, the Oppo F17, that promises to deliver a lot within budget. With the onset of the lockdown, millions of Indians invested in smartphones to cope with online classes and work-from-home conditions that swept the country.

As a result, budget smartphones became the need of the hour amongst the ever-growing middle class, and manufacturers who specialize in the segment reaped the benefits. One such company that has built a reputation for pocket-friendly yet feature-rich phones is Oppo. Ranging from basic entry-level phones to the absolute high end of the spectrum; Oppo mobiles cover a vast variety in terms of both technology and price points.

The three major series of Oppo mobiles currently in circulation are the Oppo A series, Oppo F series, and Oppo Reno series. While the A-series mostly comprises phones from the lower end of the price spectrum, and the Reno series acts as the flagship smartphone range, the F series acts as an intermediate with feature-rich phones at affordable price points. One of the latest additions to the F series is the Oppo F17.

Launched in September 2020, the phone has received great reviews thus far. It comes with a 6.44-inch screen, fingerprint sensor, and face recognition features. Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor and a 4000mAh battery equipped with fast charging, it is an impressive phone given the fact that it is priced well under the INR 20,000 threshold.

Other than that, the Oppo F17 also comes with a 16MP front camera and has a quad-camera setup at the back, with one camera each of 16MP and 8MP respectively and two 2MP cameras. It comes in two variants, with 6GB RAM and 8GB RAM respectively, and runs on Android v.10 OS.

Considering these specifications, let us go through the pros and cons of the phone.


The 4000mAh battery and fast charging ensure that the phone has a good battery life and is perfectly suited for users constantly on the move. The other great thing about the Oppo F17 is its design. It comes in three colors – Classic Silver, Dynamic Orange, and Navy Blue, with a faux-leather back panel.

The phone is sleek and looks good when held. It also flaunts a super-AMOLED display, which means the graphics are easy on the eyes and should not pose a problem in case of long term video consumption.


The F17 does have a set of impressive features; however, it does fall short in a few categories. One of the major drawbacks is its processor. The Snapdragon 662 is indeed a good processor to get daily work done, but it is definitely not built to support intensive gaming. The other main drawback is the camera, whose performance can be termed as average as the highest resolution in this smartphone is 16MP.

On the whole, like other Oppo mobiles, this one also packs a punch within budget and should be worth the money for non-gamers, and people who don’t have too high expectations from their phone cameras.

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