What Are The Benefits Of Using Washroom Hand Dryers?

Some of the benefits of using hand dryers are things like reducing the odds of mindless vandalism, saving on costs and paper, and also having less time spent maintaining a washroom. Without paper towels, any potential vandal will just have to be more creative (if that’s possible!) than doing the usual clogging up of sinks and toilets. The eradication of paper towels also means that a business will no longer have to spend money on these use only one-time items. Plus, a company can redirect its employee’s attention to another area when it comes to the usual washroom maintenance procedures, because hand dryers need very little upkeep.

With the use of washroom hand dryers instead of paper towels, a company can be ecologically friendly and help to save trees, thus helping the environment. Also, washroom hand dryers do not usually have a lot of immediately accessible parts to be broken, so they are simply not be as vulnerable as traditional paper towel holders.

Definitely a More Cost Effective Solution

Washroom hand dryers will certainly save a company a noticeable amount of money. With the replacement of paper towels to more efficient hand dryer models such as the Mitsubishi Jet Towel hand dryer, it simply means not having to buy any more paper towels, as the dryers themselves can cost very little to annually operate. The main consideration about cost is in most cases usually the upfront cost of the purchase and then installing the dryer, especially should there not be any electrical outlets located in the washroom. Most businesses simply recoup the initial costs pretty quickly, and are glad that they changed over.

The use of washroom hand dryers instead of using paper towels can lead to less time in maintaining the washroom. There will be no more need to periodically make sure that the availability of the stock of paper towels is there, or having to partially take apart the paper towel holder to refill it, so staff can spend that time elsewhere.

Maintenance and Guarantees

Naturally, washroom hand dryers are not totally free from maintenance needs, but, they will not have to be constantly refilled, and usually come with a decade or even longer guarantee to cover some or all of any repair costs, if one should break down. There are some hand dryer manufacturers who claim that, even if not routinely maintained, the machines have an extensive lifespan of at least 20 years and can even last even longer with proper care.

One often talked about advantage of hand dryers is their potential to decrease bacteria on people’s hands, especially with the benefit of a blast of hot air. And then there are some studies that apparently show that they do the opposite! So, until more extensive and dependable studies have taken place, the anti-bacterial benefits of hand dryers remain in debate.

Make sure to keep your hands nice and clean and…….. dry!