What Are Racks And Rails For A Server?

Constructing your own server is not terribly difficult. In fact, there are only a few basic features you need to know about. Once you have this general knowledge, you should have no problem with installing the hardware and equipment you need for your network. In general, when looking at installing the hardware, you are going to find both rails and racks are needed. But what is the difference between these two?

It is straightforward, and once you understand this, you should have a basic grasp on not only how to setup your own data center room, but also what equipment to order when you look to expand or upgrade.

What Are Racks And Rails For A Server

2 Post Server Rack

The number of racks is the number of vertical bars that go from the base of the server construction to the top. These racks are solid and typically constructed of metal. The material provides the desired support and strength to the construction. The 2 post server rack is where there is an individual post on each side.

This is usually enough support for smaller racks, although it is sturdy enough to assist with just about any configuration you need. This is the least expensive option out there, so if you are looking to save money while constructing your data server, the 2 post server rack is the way to go.

4 Post Server Rack

The 4 post server rack is just like the 2 post variation, only this one has two vertical posts on each side. This is going to provide much more support, so if you are using heavier hardware and what to make sure it stays in place, this might be the way to go.

When building your data server, you need to know not only what sort of hardware you need currently, but also what sort of hardware you potentially might need in the future. You do not want to go out and convert from a 2 post server rack to a 4 post server rack, simply because you decided to save some money up front. There is a weight limit for each kind of rack, so make sure you are able to abide by the weight requirements before you ultimately purchase the equipment.

Rack Rails

The rack rails are the perforated pieces of metal that are parallel to the floor and perpendicular to the racks. These rails help provide a holding support to the hardware you place inside of the server rack. This particular kind of rack rail is usually going to have three sides. There is both the left and right side of the rail, plus a rear rail that helps support the end of the server blade and other equipment.

With the additional weight pulling down on the blades from the wires and other hook ups, this is very important to have, not to mention it ensures the entire rail remains sturdy.

This is the basic information you need to know when it comes down to constructing your own custom server rack.

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