Websites That Help Connect Homeowners To Asphalt and Concrete Contractors

Everyone knows owning a house is a lifetime investment. And you’ve put countless hours and dollars into turning your investment into a place you and your family can call home. When the roof began to leak, you patched it. When the upstairs bathroom became an indoor fountain, you once again got out your tools and prepared a weekend. Though when you started to notice your driveway had begun to show signs of damage, cracking and stains from your first solo oil change, you were less than eager to jump into the fray again.

And for good reason too.

Taking care of your home means knowing when to call in a professional to assist you. Though finding the right contractor for the job can almost be as difficult as fixing it yourself.

Or at least it used to be.

Finding a contractor for the job is now as simple as entering your zip code and choosing the one you prefer. Web sites have compiled list of contractors, gone through the heavy work of vetting, and have brought all of it right to you.

HomeAdvisor helps you find the right professional for your asphalt/concrete repair needs easily while allowing you to get honest estimates in real time. You can search through all of the listed contractors, each with their own individual rating and comments, confident in knowing you’ve selected the right one.

HomeAdvisor provides you with complete lists of professionals for every type of repair you may need in addition to concrete/asphalt specialist, so you can tackle every job on your list.

Similiar to HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack connects you local professionals and provides you honest estimates but with a slight difference. Instead of searching through lists of contractors, you simply answer few questions about the work you need done and local contractors will provide you with a custom estimate for your specific job shortly after. is less home-repair oriented though, so you can find a professional to help you with just about anything you may need. Whether it be getting in shape, learning piano, or resurfacing your driveway, will help you find the right contractor for the job.

ContractorQuotes provides you with, well you guessed it, quotes from local contractors. Very much like, you begin your search by filling out a form to help narrow your search and then wait as contractors in your area contact you with estimates for the project. It is simple, free, and geared towards home renovation/repair so you don’t have to sift through contractors you don’t want.

ContractorQoutes also has a well developed blog with articles about remodeling tips, what to expect for prices, as well as guides to help ambitious DIY’ers. specializes in connecting you with concrete and asphalt professionals in your area and nothing else. So if your driveway is the only job on your list, Driveway 911 is the perfect spot. Their site is straightforward, easy to navigate, and has quite a few resources on driveway repair, so you can get familiarize yourself with the work being done on your home.