Ways to Prepare your Home for Summer.

Summer season is almost here and it’s the hottest period of the year. The heat may be too much for you to feel comfortable in your home. That’s why you need to take time and get your home ready for the warm season where temperatures can be very high. This will prevents any damage that might occur due to the natural tropical heat. Check out a couple of tips to keep your home in flawless shape.

  1. Inspect your air conditioner.

Summer brings the need to cool your home. It is essential to check out if your air conditioner is in perfect working condition. Ensure its functioning well and up for the summer days. No one wants the discomfort and inconvenience of a faulty HVAC unit during the summer days. Try running your air conditioner to see if it’s cooling your home effectively if not, consider inviting a qualified technician to inspect the refrigerant lines, make a thorough cleaning around the units, vents, dust debris from the condenser and evaporator coils. You can consider installing a programmable thermostat which will not only help you save energy but also money.

  1. Bug invasion control.

Insects tend to thrive during warm weather as they look for a chance to breed or feed. This is the season where bugs will begin to flock and invade your home. Keep your yard tidy. Mow you lawn to destroy possible breeding spots for different types of pests. Also, drain any still water because it also gives pests such mosquitoes a good environment to breed and multiply.

Make sure everything is sealed. Inspect that there are no holes or gaps. If any fix with a caulk and weather stripping; you can also consider bringing in an exterminator to spray your outside perimeter. Request him to use insecticides that are made of plant-based attractants.

  1. Create your home emergency kit.

It is good to have an emergency kit no matter where you reside. Anyone is probably at the risk of severe weather, especially hurricane seasons. Prepare yourself by creating your home emergency kit to have a hand just in case you encounter dangerous condition. You can stuff in items such as; personal hygiene items, flashlight, bottles of water, canned food, non-electric opener, cell phone charger and prescriptions.

  1. Protect your home from water damage.

Safeguarding your house from water damage is important.  Make sure your gutter and downspouts are clean. They have accumulated debris such as leaves and sediments from the winter snows and rains which can prevent rainwater from draining correctly.  If the gutters get clogged, the water tends to overflow running down the sides of the home. This not only increases the risk of water damage but also causes water to collect near the foundation of your home which leads to basement flooding.  Make sure you direct waters to flow away from your house. Any still water near your home will be a right [place for breeding mosquitoes.

If you want to enjoy your summer, get your home ready on time. There is no cold and no rains; it’s time to have fun. But, make sure your home is as comfortable as possible.