Useful Tips To Avoid The Dog Bite – How To Ensure Safety Of Kids

According to the recent studies and statistics, the dog bite incidents have exceeded 4.5 million people every year. Mainly, dogs bite the children and the senior citizens only. More than 800000 seek doctor’s treatment immediately after the attack. Some of them die because of this injury.

In order to prevent such situations, you have to understand how to avoid the dog bite. Besides this, it is the responsibility of dog owners to ensure that their pets do not bite anyone. Here are some useful tips to avoid accidents.

Useful Tips To Avoid The Dog Bite - How To Ensure Safety Of Kids

Learn the dog’s behavior

Most of the dogs are not aggressive and do not intend to bite you. It is great to introduce yourself to dog, after taking their owner’s permission. Before you could touch them, dog might investigate you by smelling the hand. While you are in front of smaller dogs, hold the hand in a cup. If you are standing with a large dog, hold the hand in a much relaxed manner with the back of hand exposed.

Make sure that you do not try to touch their head during first meeting. They might feel it as a threat or an attack. Dogs are the curious creatures and they try to sniff humans slowly while approaching. They do not intend to threat by this attitude. However, if you do not let the pet investigate well, they might bite to defend themselves.

Importance of learning their body language

It is important to learn the language of dogs to prevent dog bite. The afraid and tense dogs have higher tendency to bite. They will show their stiff and erect tail. Besides this, they might yawn, and show baring teeth, growl, stare, flick the tongue or lick lips etc. If you realize that they tend to bite, never stare at their eyes. Slowly move away till you reach a safe location. Make sure that you never run. Dogs have a habit to chase their prey.

What to do after the accident?

However if you are accidently bit by the dog, wash the wound with water and a good cleansing agent.  You must visit the doctor at the earliest. Consult a well-known and expert dog bite lawyer San Diego. They will help you to solve the case and get penalty from the owner. Not only this, you could even file a case against the owner, if they have not trained the dog.

You must report the case to the local control agency of the area. They will reach your place and take away the animal. However, you must tell them where did you last saw the dog and where did he go.

Awareness is important to avoid dog bites. If the children found any dog running in the locality loose, then they must report it to the adults. They must know it is not safe to touch pets without the permission of adults. You must take owner’s permission, because they know whether the pet is safe with children. Besides this, never tease the street dogs and the pets.

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