Understanding What’s Happening During Algorithm Change

After a rocky algorithm update, many website owners find it necessary to make drastic changes to their websites. They also need to do many things, such as studying the web server logs to determine whether they have made a number of mistakes related to SEO methods. Any mistake can cause sudden drops in search engine ranking. Before we make changes, it is important for us to perform necessary analysis. Just because we have heard something, it doesn’t mean that we should make a rash decision. There are cold hard facts that we should know about SEO efforts and it is possible that we have violated them.

Even if we do things properly, it is still possible that search engine ranks fluctuate. By knowing this, we should know how to deal with fluctuation. With Google, ranking can change almost daily, depending on many factors. If there’s nothing wrong with our content and SEO effort, we should return to our original rank. The most important thing is that we should receive enough traffic, regardless of the temporary setback. During algorithm update, we should know whether we are able to get enough sales. It is important to know that only search engines know their own algorithms. Knowing how search engine works can be quite speculative. Algorithm is their best kept secret, so it is acceptable if we don’t know much about it.

We should keep tabs with SEO leaders through many information sources, such as blogs, forums, articles and news. This should allow us to know about what’s happening. We should take this information and apply that to what’s happening with our sales and website traffic. Log statistics program could be needed to make sure that we can constantly monitor the rate of traffic to our website. If there’s a sudden drop in traffic, then we may need to perform emergency program. We should know what kind of keyphrases that people often use to look for something that they want. If our traffic remains constant despite the algorithm changes, we could use the logging software to know about the source of the traffic. We should know what’s changing.

It is important to know that resubmitting our website primary URL won’t change anything. It takes time for Google to sort everything out and if our website passes the test, it is even possible that we get higher rank than before. Google PageRank doesn’t have direct involvement in the success of our website. It is more important to focus on providing the best possible content for our website. We should check the website of the industry leader and check their content. If we are able to deliver something much better, our traffic will gradually grow and it is possible that we will join the first page in search result based on a single primary keyword. In this case, common sense should make sense and we can ill afford real progress. Patience and constant observation during an algorithm update should provide us with more results than simple fixes.