Types Of Pumps To Supply Water For Your Garden

If you are planning a large garden, you will need a method for moving water to your garden to keep the plants hydrated. One of the best ways to transfer water from a sprinkler system or to a garden water feature is to purchase a garden pump. Here are the types of pumps from which to choose when you’re ready to build a garden.

Submersible Garden Pumps

When you need to move a large amount of water to fill a pond, pool, or use for a lawn sprinkler system, a submersible pump is one of your best choices. This pump can transfer water from deep in the ground at high pressure for a multitude of purposes in and around the garden. You will want to make sure the pump has enough power for its intended purposes.

The labels on the pump will give you the technical information you need to make sure it has enough power. In general, if you want to move water from a depth of 46 metres, you will need a motor with a power of at least 800 watts so there is enough water pressure. If the motor is too small, there may be disruptions as the water is being pumped out of the ground.

Centrifugal Garden Pumps

This pump is available in several varieties, some of which are capable of moving large amounts of water of up to 19 cubic metres per hour. To provide stability and ensure long-term heavy duty use, centrifugal pumps are usually made from cast steel. When you purchase a centrifugal pump, you will want to get one with a removable cover so debris can be removed from it.

Buying a pump that has a manual control allows you to set the discharge head at any level you need. A self-priming pump is generally the best option because it won’t run dry and risk burning out the motor. You can find a wide variety of multi-purpose OASE pond pumps to supply water for your garden, lawn, or for garden water features.

Solar-Powered Pumps

If you want a pump with low operating costs to supply water to your statuary, or if you want one that needs to run continuously, then a solar-powered pump is going to be more economical than an electric pump. They are smaller pumps that are connected to solar panels to supply water for garden or pond features. Along with being less expensive to run, solar-powered pumps are better for the environment as well.

Larger garden or pond pumps use battery or electrical power to help move water from its source to the pond, for use in sprinkler systems, or to use for general garden or home maintenance. The type of pump you buy will depend on the amount and depth of water that you need moved and the purpose of the use, such as in a pond or to supply water to hydrate your grass or flowers. If you need help choosing a pump, you can consult with the company offering garden and pond pumps.