Tree Roots: A Real Threat To Your Sewer

As much as it may sound harmless and generally an easy-to-solve problem, you would be surprised to find out how much damage tree roots can actually do to your sewage. As they are always searching for a source of food and nutrients, it is no wonder that roots are so attracted to sewer lines, which can lead to broken pipes and even some severe environmental and health issues. In order to avoid such problems from occurring, there are certain things you should learn.


The first thing you need to think about is, naturally, the landscaping around your house. If you just bought a new house and are starting to arrange your yard, make sure to do it properly. The position of the plants is crucial here, so if you are planning to plant some large trees, make sure to plant them away from your sewers. Also, you can opt for different sewer-friendly tress that have a smaller root ball and grow slower than the typical ones.

Tree Roots: A Real Threat To Your Sewer

Knowing the Location of Sewer Lines

It goes without saying that the best idea here is to actually be present when the pipes are being laid, as in this way you will be certain in which direction you should avoid planting your trees and plants. If this is not the case and you already bought a house with an installed sewer, you should contact a relevant utility company to obtain the outline of the underground utility lines.


As we all know, it is much better to be safe than sorry. In order to be sure that you did everything that you could to prevent tree roots issues, there are certain things you should do. For example, some specialized stores actually sell commercial root barriers that prevent tree and shrub roots from damaging the sewer. They are based on natural compound that are eco-friendly and won’t do any harm neither to your health or the environment. There is also an option of installing metal or wood barriers along the piping so as to physically separate them.

Tree Roots: A Real Threat To Your Sewer

How to Fix It?

No matter how well you did all the previous steps, something can still go wrong. The most common sign of a potential problem is clogging. Some of these issues you can fix easily yourself, but if the clogging is more frequent and the gurgling noise is too troublesome it is a much better idea to call a professional in order to avoid more serious problems, tell us highly-rated plumbers from Central Coast.  A true professional can inspect the pipes with a specialized camera probe to identify how serious the problem actually is.

Following these pieces of advice will certainly help with reducing the risk of something like this happening. The best thing to do is be smart, inspect everything beforehand and plan it wisely. Plan ahead the sewer lines and the landscaping area and you should be safe from issues like this. Things like this ought to happen and it is better to try and prevent them than to deal with them when they become a much bigger problem.