Top Free Apps to Grow Facebook Fans

Facebook offers many free and premium apps to help you engage your existing users and invite new ones. Although you always have the easier option to Buy Facebook Fans, adding these apps to your business page can result in improved incoming traffic. Here we discuss six free Facebook apps that have really helped pages grow their likes.


Are you concerned about the users who leave your Facebook page to visit your own website? Don’t worry, as the Facebook HTML app allows you to integrate your business website with your business page on Facebook. It is a great tool to customize your Facebook page by adding a separate tab on the page just under its cover photo. Customers who want to make a transaction on your website can just click on the tab and interact with your website without leaving the Facebook page.

Instant Win

The existing audience could be very useful in growing your customers. Many traditional businesses entice their customers by offering valuable rewards. Facebook incorporates this strategy to help you motivate your audience and make more frequent visits to the page. With an Instant Win app, you can offer gifts and prizes to your current customers for bringing in new traffic. You can find many such apps from different developers available on Facebook. Deploy any one of these to get your customers to effectively advocate your business for you.

Top Free Apps to Grow Facebook Fans


Users appreciate pages that allow them to download media files and documents directly from the Facebook page. You can even offer free downloads to the users who share your post on their timeline. These posts will also be displayed to their friends, providing your page with the right kind of exposure.


Most people like when they are asked to give their opinion towards a certain issue. Engage your customers by asking their opinion on relevant issues, using the free Poll apps on Facebook. With a fair and transparent voting mechanism, you can find answers to important questions, engage your fans and promote your business page, all at the same time.


An interesting quiz can really prove helpful in increasing the inflow of new visitors. With the free quiz apps on Facebook, you can easily create a set of questions to be asked from your page fans and others in their circles. However, you need to make sure that the questions you have asked are interesting and engaging for your audience. Offering rewards for good performance is a good idea too.

These nifty apps get the interest in your page to build up, compelling more and more users to like it and be a part of all the goodness!

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