Top 5 Things To Know About POE Camera System

The growing need of security camera system has created some confusion to the people, particularly those who technically not aware of these instruments. However, today, you have everything: the best and advanced instruments and the better customer support. They together have made this more comprehensive. But again, the PoE has been sometimes confused products for most of the installers and integrators. Therefore, I am here with some of reliable and broad information about PoE.

What Is PoE All About?

PoE (Power Over Ethernet) transmits data and supply power to the network devices like VoIP phones, Wireless AP, network camera and others. All these happen without changing the existing Cat.5 cable network structure. Power over Ethernet also enables networking device to get a power supply and transmit the data simultaneously. PoE system comes in two parts, including Power Souring Equipment (PSE) and Powered Device (PD).

Power Souring Equipment (PSE): This is compatible with PoE switch, PoE injector (midspan) and other PeE functions.

Powered Device (PD): This is IP/network in the video surveillance system.

Today, PoE technology is available in standards that are called IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at.

Reliability of PoE Technology

On the technical ground, PoE modern technology has been developed for several years, now PoE technology is in a mature phase. Yet, the present video surveillance market encounters cost pressure. Hence, because of the poor quality PoE switch as well as Cat5 need maintenance that shows the PoE technology is not secure.

So, the high-quality PoE device will ensure the reliability and perfect function of the video surveillance.

Advantage Of PoE

PoE technology has plenty of benefits that are as follows;

Less Installation Cost: The one network cable cam transmit both transmit data and power supply and as a result, it will lessen the installation cost.

Safe & Comprehensive: Power Sourcing Equipment supplies power when the PoE-enabled device is detected. There will be no risk of leakage and it can easily be mixed with both: non-PoE device and PoE-enabled devices.

Low Maintenance: PoE can be managed through Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) just like data transmission. You can get various features like you can shut it down at night, remote reset, and so much more.

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is famous as far as network management is concerned. It can collect information from various devices like servers, printers, hubs, switches, and from the IP network.

Select the Right PoE Switch

IP Camera Power Consumption: PoE network for PoE camera system switch and output powers are of different standard. For instance, IEEE802.3 af can support powered devices consume up to15.4 W and the IEEE802.3 af can give power supply to powered gadgets that do not go beyond 12.95 W. According to IEEE802.3 at common, IEEE802.3 at PoE switch can be compact with the powered device and it will not go beyond 25W.

Max Support Power Devices: PoE switch works on its own parameter. Under IEEE802.3 af standard, If 370W power reaches to the 24CH PoE, then the both ports could get sufficient power (370/15.4=24), however, if based on IEE802.3 at common, each port sustains 30W, the PoE switch only could provide power supply to 12 ports (370/30=12).

Range Of PoE Transmission

You have to be extra careful while buying Ethernet cable from China. So, in a simple sense, I can advise you to go with Cat5 cable as it can meet all your requirement. Don’t even look for non-standard Ethernet cables.

Last but not the least; after taking proper examine, you should move for buying the PoE network system. As a little carelessness can mess up everything.