Top 5 Reasons Why Indian Wedding Should Be In Offbeat Locations

If you are among those Indian couples who decided to get married in offbeat locations, then your wedding day will be a special one. Preferring an offbeat location makes the wedding special and memorable. On beach shore, around lush green forest, misty mountain or any such locations creates a greater impact on the D-Day.  The best part of having wedding in offbeat location is minimum guest but exotic wedding. Moreover, in the sense of capturing the event also creates a memorable day for both couple and of course, the photographer.

Top 5 Reasons Why Indian Wedding Should Be In Offbeat Locations

Here are top 5 reasons with locations why Indian wedding in offbeat locations are the best:

  • Wedding around Greenery: Luscious green forest and snow-capped mountains overlooking the lawns makes a perfect setting to get married.  Between the function, you and also your guests can engage in different adventure activities. Depending on the location, you and your partner can go for having fun.
  • Wedding at Mystic Blue Hills: Location like Darjeeling, Assam and Manner are best known for their mystic hills and lush greenery. There are some tea estates in these locations which are also the best location to get married.  Your guests can also enjoy tea tasting party at the beautiful location around.
  • Wedding on the Sand Land: Long stretched sand and soft orange red glow of fading sun paints which is the perfect setting for wedding.  There are private sand dunes, which are maintained by hotels and palaces. You can hold your pre and post wedding party in these locations that can pure offbeat.

Top 5 Reasons Why Indian Wedding Should Be In Offbeat Locations

  • Getting married in the Sea: If you want to get complete offbeat, then getting married in middle of the sea is the perfect exotic destination to get married. There are various options in and around India to choose under water wedding locations.
  • Getting Married at Palace: India is rich with palaces which were built ages ago. Rajasthan and other North Indian states are famously known for royal palaces which are now turned into hotels. Choosing any of the palaces to get married is the best way of making your wedding royal. You can check the most lavish and royal palace that can fulfil your lavish and offbeat wedding location dream.

Wedding venue is an integral part of the planning session. You need to check the location and decide how photogenic the place is and what best your photographers in Delhi  can bring.  Offbeat location is really the best way to get married and have a cherishing moment.

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